Where is dragon boat racing done?

Where is dragon boat racing done?

Traditional dragon boat racing, in China, coincides with the 5th day of the 5th Chinese lunar month (varying from late May to June on the modern Gregorian Calendar). The summer solstice occurs around 21 June and is the reason why Chinese refer to their festival as “Duan Wu” or “Duen Ng”.

Is Dragon Boat Festival the same day every year?

The date is based on a lunar calendar, therefore the date varies from year to year on the Gregorian calendar. Generally, the festival falls anywhere from the end of May to late June in the Gregorian calendar (within half a lunar month of June 11th). In 2022, Dragon Boat Festival occurs on June 3.

Is dragon boat racing competitive?

Dragon Boat Racing is one of the most exciting, competitive team sports you can take part in on water. It is a totally inclusive team sport and features Mixed gender, Adaptive, BCS and Open crews all competing against one another.

Why is it called dragon boat racing?

Dragon boat races are believed to have started between 770 and 476 BCE. In the state of Yue, King Gou Jian regularly trained his navy using boat races. It was during the Han Dynasty that dragon boat racing became a sport. The boats were long and narrow, with prows painted like a dragon’s head.

Is dragon boat racing hard?

Dragon boat is a very tough sport, let alone the training hours. There’s water training (actual paddling), land or circuit training, and some do have pool paddle training. Oftentimes, a dragon boater’s week can be quite full (especially in prepping for races).

Why is the Dragon Boat Festival so important?

The renowned Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Tuen Ng, falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. It commemorates the death of Qu Yuan, a Chinese poet and minister known for his patriotism and contributions to classical poetry and who eventually became a national hero.

How long does the Dragon Boat Festival last?

3 days
The dragon boat holiday is 3 days long. In 2022, the festival date is June 3 and the holiday lasts from June 3 to 5. In 2023, it falls on June 22 and the holiday is June 22 to 24.

How hard is dragon boat racing?

How fast do dragon boats go?

Top crews are able to paddle the boats at speeds of more than 20 kilometres per hour.