Where is Krokus now?

Where is Krokus now?

In September 2018, Krokus announced their retirement and would embark on their farewell tour in 2019. In June 2019, the band announced a final tour to take place in North America starting in 2020, but the dates were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What country is Krokus from?

Solothurn, SwitzerlandKrokus / OriginSolothurn is a town, a municipality, and the capital of the canton of Solothurn in Switzerland. It is located in the north-west of Switzerland on the banks of the Aare and on the foot of the Weissenstein Jura mountains.
The town is the only municipality of the district of the same name. Wikipedia

Is the band Krokus still together?

After more than 2000 concerts, Krokus said goodbye to their fans in 2019.

Will Krokus tour again?

Unfortunately there are no concert dates for Krokus scheduled in 2022. Don Q (7301) Krokus (7302) Hospitality (7303)

Who is Krokus?

Hailing from the Swiss city of Solothurn, Krokus was formed in 1974 by guitarist Tommy Kiefer and percussionist Chris Von Rohr. Initially performing an eclectic and artful brand of prog rock, Krokus released their first album in 1976, with the founders joined by guitarist Hansi Droz and bassist Remo Spadino.

Why does Krokus sound like ACDC?

Touting the event as coming full circle, the members of Krokus are happy to play alongside legends like AC/DC but would like everyone to remember they have their own unique sound. Storace explains further, saying, “So it’s this pooky blues-orientated hard rock music, which is very similar. It’s just what AC/DC do.

What year did Krokus come out?

Krokus formed in the town of Solothurn in 1975, and von Rohr named the band after travelling past a field of the colourful flowers (‘Krokus’ is the German spelling) due to the name including the word ‘rok’.

What genre is Krokus?

MetalKrokus / Genre

How many albums has Krokus sold?

15 million albums
Krokus was recently awarded an award for having sold over 15 million albums worldwide by Sony Music Switzerland.

Did Krokus tour with Def Leppard?

In 1983 Krokus were removed from their support slot with Def Leppard on a U.S. tour after frontman Marc Storace repeatedly ignored instructions on which parts of the stage he was allowed to us, and then used comments his counterpart Joe Elliott had used during his own performance the previous night.

How old is the lead singer of Krokus?

Today, January 2019, Marc is still active in rock projects as well as his “ongoing” semi-acoustic one. Krokus will embark on their “Farewell Tour” this April….

Marc Storace
Born 7 October 1951 Sliema, Malta
Genres Hard Rock, Heavy metal
Instruments Vocals, percussion, blues harp, tambourine
Years active 1965–present

Who sang for Krokus?

Marc Storace (Sto-rah-che) (born 7 October 1951) is a Maltese born rock vocalist. His career in music started in the 1960s. He is most noted for his position as frontman, lead singer and songwriter of Swiss hard rock band Krokus from 1980.