Where is the Packers Pro Shop?

Where is the Packers Pro Shop?

Visit The Packers Pro Shop At Lambeau Field.

Is the Packers Pro Shop legit?

The Packers Pro Shop has been the official retail store of the National Football League’s Green Bay Packers since 1989. The primary retail destination is located at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin and is owned and operated by the Green Bay Packers. The Pro Shop reported sales of over $7 million in 2015.

What should I wear in Green Bay?

Wear warm socks, boots, and gloves. Keeping every part of your body covered is essential to staying warm. Block out the cold with some fuzzy socks and gloves. The boots will help block the wind and snow.

How can I buy Green Bay Packer stock?

Shares can be bought online with credit or debit cards or with electronic bank transfers. Any U.S. buyers who want to receive the documents by mail and purchase shares with a cashier’s or personal check can call 833-OWN-PACK (833-696-7225).

Is the Packers Pro Shop open on game days?

The Packers Pro Shop is located in the Lambeau Field Atrium. The store sells authentic game-day apparel and exclusive team merchandise. The Packers Pro Shop is open 7 days a week – hours vary on game weekends.

Who is the owner of Green Bay Packers?

Green Bay Packers
Owner(s) Green Bay Packers, Inc. (361,300 stockholders – governed by a Board of Directors)
Chairman Mark H. Murphy
CEO Mark H. Murphy
President Mark H. Murphy

How old is Aaron Rodgers?

38 years (December 2, 1983)Aaron Rodgers / Age

How do Packer fans stay warm?

“The secret, in our experience, is layers. Many, many layers,” Waldkirch, a Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, native, told USA TODAY Sports. “I also wear enormous boots so that I can wear lots of socks and air can circulate around my feet, thereby keeping them warm.” She added: “Mittens over gloves are a must.”

Is Packers stock still available?

The Packers’ last stock sale was offered through February 29, 2012. Future offerings are not currently being considered.

Can I sell my Packers stock?

“You can’t sell your shares, they pay no dividends and they only can be transferred to immediate family,” he said.

Can you park overnight at Lambeau Field?

Additionally, no overnight parking is allowed in the Lambeau Field lots. Additionally, for information on obtaining individual game reserved parking in an outlying lot, please contact P.M.I./Ticket Star (800) 895-0071, or visit the website for Parking Panda directly.