Who can fly a POW flag?

Who can fly a POW flag?

Civilians are free to fly the POW/MIA flag whenever they wish, and it is commonly flown in front of police stations, fire stations and veterans’ organizations across the United States.

Where can I buy a MIA flag?

POW/MIA – Flags – Outdoor Decor – The Home Depot.

What does the message at the bottom of the POW-MIA flag mean?

A silhouette of a prisoner of war (POW) before a guard tower and barbed wire in white on a black field. “POW/MIA” appears above the silhouette and the words “You Are Not Forgotten” appear below in white on the black field. “MIA” stands for “missing in action.” Designed by. Newt Heisley.

What size should the POW flag be?

4. The POW/MIA flag should be flown above any state or military flag. 5. The POW/MIA flag should be the same size or smaller than the above adjacent American flag if flown on the same pole.

Where do you hang a POW flag?

The POW/MIA flag should be on the marching right of the line of flags (bottom illustration), unless otherwise stipulated by your state flag code.

Why does the Post Office fly POW flags?

The flag and its display at our facilities honors the sacrifices made by members of the armed services held as prisoners of war or missing in action. This information, from the Administrative Support Manual, will help guide your display of the American and POW-MIA flags.

How do you display a POW flag?

Displaying the POW/MIA Flag When displayed from a single flag pole, the POW/MIA flag should fly directly below, and be no larger than, the United States flag. If on separate poles, the U.S. flag should always be placed to the right of other flags.

How many POW MIA are still missing?

Research and Investigations. U.S. POW/MIA investigators rotate into Hanoi on a continuous basis to pursue leads associated with the remaining 1,246 Americans still unaccounted for in Vietnam. A research effort continues in the Ministry of National Defense (MND) central archives.

Are there still POWS in Vietnam 2020?

Then as of December 21, 2018, the number of U.S. military and civilian personnel still unaccounted for is 1,592. By February 7, 2020, this number had been reduced a little further, to 1,587.

How do you dispose of a POW flag?

The United States Code stipulates, “When a U.S. flag is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, it should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.”

When should you fly the POW flag?

The 1998 Defense Authorization Act (P.L. 105- 85) mandates that on these national observances, the POW/MIA flag is to be flown over the White House, the U.S. Capitol, the Korean and Vietnam Veterans War Memorials, the offices of the Secretaries of State, Defense and Veterans Affairs, offices of the Director of the …

Why does the Post Office fly the POW flag?