Who does Gracie Hart end up with?

Who does Gracie Hart end up with?

When we last encountered FBI agent Gracie Hart, she had just saved the Miss USA pageant, cleaned and glammed herself up to be a viable beauty queen runner-up, made a ton of new friends and secured the affection of a hot fellow agent, Eric Matthews.

Was Regina King in Miss Congeniality?

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous (2005) – Regina King as Sam Fuller – IMDb.

Is Agent Matthews in Miss Congeniality 2?

Miss Congeniality 2, however, manages to surpass all these trivial embodiments of the plot device and aims to go where no fluffy film has gone before. Here’s the situation: Benjamin Bratt a.k.a. Agent Eric Matthews is not in this movie. This minor casting predicament subsequently motivates the entire movie.

Who were the kidnappers in Miss Congeniality 2?

The two are sent to Las Vegas, Nevada when Gracie’s friend, reigning Miss United States Cheryl Frasier (Heather Burns), and the long-time Miss United States pageant host Stan Fields (William Shatner) were kidnapped there.

Why did Eric Matthews dump Gracie Hart?

Story: This film is the sequel to the 2000 movie Miss Congeniality. Three weeks after the events in the first film, Gracie Hart finds herself unable to go on undercover operations anymore due to her newfound fame. Even worse, Eric Matthews dumps her because they are moving too fast.

What is the job of Gracie Hart and Miss Congeniality?

Gracie Hart is the main protagonist in Miss Congeniality and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Dangerous. She is an FBI Agent who is forced to go undercover at the worst possible place. A beauty pageant, to stop a criminal from causing a disaster.

How old is Gracie Hart in Miss Congeniality?

Bullock told Metro that she is open to the idea of a Miss Congeniality prequel, “with the young Gracie Hart, with the mustache and the monobrow”. “Gracie Hart in her 10, 11-year-old life, still acting very much the same as Gracie Hart as an adult would be cute,” she said.

What ethnicity is Benjamin Bratt?

His mother was born in Lima, Peru, and is of Quechua background. She moved to the United States with her family at age 14. His father is an American of German and English ancestry. Bratt’s paternal grandfather, George, was a Broadway actor.

Did Sandra Bullock and Benjamin Bratt date?

She was married for just under two years to country singer Lyle Lovett, engaged to Kiefer Sutherland, dated Jason Patric and most recently dated Benjamin Bratt for three years before marrying cameraman Danny Moder in 2002.

How old was Sandra Bullock when she filmed Miss Congeniality?

Sandra Bullock, 56, played the one and only Grace Hart in the 2000 comedy. For her performance, Sandra earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress – Motion Picture Comedy or Musical.

How old was Sandra Bullock during Miss Congeniality?

‘It should’ve remained a one-off,’ actor says When the 57-year-old actor was asked by Metro if fans can expect a third Miss Congeniality film, she said: “God, no!” “No, no. Two shouldn’t have been done,” Bullock said. “It should’ve remained a one-off.”

How old was Sandra Bullock in the first Miss Congeniality?