Who does Naho end up with orange?

Who does Naho end up with orange?

Ten years later in the main timeline, Naho and Kakeru are now married (which now makes her Naho Naruse) and they have a son together.

Does Naho get with Kakeru?

Kakeru and Naho begin dating shortly after, promising to always be happy together with everyone else. Ten years later, he and Naho are now married (thus making her Naho Naruse) and has a son named Haru.

What did Naho say to Kakeru?

Later during lunch time, Kakeru is tasked with buying drinks. Naho tells him that she wants orange juice.

Did Suwa get a letter?

Hiroto Suwa (須和 弘人 Suwa Hiroto) is one of the main characters in the story and classmate of Naho’s. He also gets a letter from his future-self to help save Kakeru.

Is Orange a happy ending?

From the hurt and pain future Kakeru experienced which lead to his suicide to the strained relationship of present Naho and Kakeru, all these things were wonderfully resolved. I’m incredibly happy that it ended on a happy and sweet note. So, let’s recap!

Will there be a season 2 of Orange?

The second season of Orange is the New Black is now on Netflix and judging by episode one it is twice as witty as season one – but also twice as dark.

Who does Kakeru Manabe end up with?

Kakeru is revealed to have married Komaki as is now the father of two children, Michi and Kou. They live together in town, and it is mentioned that their family has a tradition of eating meat from morning until night on the 29th of every month.

Does Orange anime have a happy ending?

What happens at the end of Orange?

The series ends with Lorna and Red both in the “Florida” psychiatric ward of the prison, and Nicky taking Red’s place in the kitchen and becoming a new “prison mom.” “We were introduced through Nicky to the idea of a prison family, and Red being her mom,” Hermann said.

Is Orange anime over?

Though the franchise is still alive in the form of spinoffs, the Orange anime never came back for a Season 2, or any sort of continuation.

Do they save kakeru in orange?

1 Kakeru’s Life Is Spared, But He Still Has Depression While Kakeru is certainly in a better place thanks to the love and attention he gets from his friends, he still has a long road ahead of him. This does not diminish the efforts of Naho and her friends and what they accomplish, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Is Orange worth watching?

Overall, Orange was an amazing watch from start to finish. The characters are delightful, the relationship between the group of friends is amazing and realistic, and the importance of depression and learning coping skills makes it one hell of a ride!