Who is known as shayari Kashmir?

Who is known as shayari Kashmir?

Biography of Kashmiri poet Ghulam Ahmed Mahjoor. Biography of Kashmiri poet Ghulam Ahmed Mahjoor. Biography of Kashmiri poet Ghulam Ahmed Mahjoor.

Who was mahjoor?

Peerzada Ghulam Ahmad (August 1887 − 9 April 1952), known by his pen name as Mahjoor, was a poet of the Kashmir Valley, along with contemporaries, Zinda Kaul, Abdul Ahad Azad, and Dinanath Nadim.

When was mahjoor died?

April 9, 1952Mahjoor / Date of death

Who is the father of Kashmiri language?

The use of the Kashmiri language began with the poet Lalleshvari or Lal Ded (14th century), who wrote mystical verses. Another mystic of her time equally revered in Kashmir and popularly known as Nunda Reshi wrote powerful poetry like his senior Lal Ded.

Who is the great poet of Kashmir?

Lalleshwari or, as she was more famously known, Lal Ded, was perhaps the most famous Kashmiri poet belonging to the 14th century.

What is the meaning of mehjoor?

The Urdu Word مہجور Meaning in English is Lovelorn. The other similar words are Mahjoor. The synonyms of Lovelorn include are Bereft, Dejected, Forsaken, Jilted, Loveless, Lovesick, Rejected, Spurned and Crossed In Love.

What is wife called in Kashmiri?

Wife in Kashmiri कॉशुर wife ⇄ expr. take to wife, to marry. Ex.

What is Love called in Kashmiri?

Useful phrases in Kashmiri

English कॉशुर (Kashmiri)
I love you Tske chhuk myon jigur
Get well soon Gachiv theek jald
Go away! च़ल! (tsa!)
Leave me alone! Che tra mae kunizon!

Who wrote the first novel in Kashmiri language?

He wrote about sixty books in Kashmiri, Urdu, and in English languages on various subjects such as politics, literature, history and on Sufism. In 1971, he wrote a novel titled Mujrim, leading him to become the “first novelist of Kashmiri literature”….

Ghulam Nabi Gowhar
Children 4

Who wrote bomber TE Yemberzal?

Nadim brought about a significant change not only in content but also in the form of Kashmiri poetry. He was the first poet to utilise the forms of sonnet and free verse in Kashmiri. He wrote the first opera, Bombur Yemberzal in Kashmiri language. He also wrote short poems which he preferred to call Harisaat.

Which of the following is known as father of Kashmiri Gazal?

He is one of the most celebrated Kashmiri poets and is popularly called as the John Keats of Kashmir. He formally inaugurated Gazal to Kashmiri poetry….Rasul Mir.

imām-e-ishqiya shairi Rasul Mir Shahabadi
Born 1840 Dooru Shahabad, Anantnag, Kashmir
Died 1870

What is husband called in Kashmiri?

Boazaan chukhna
What is “Husband” called in kashmiri? Boazaan chukhna.