Who is singer Tank?

Who is singer Tank?

Durrell Artaze Babbs
Tank (American singer)

Birth name Durrell Artaze Babbs
Also known as The General
Born January 1, 1976 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.
Origin Washington, D.C., U.S.

What is singer Tank real name?

Durrell BabbsTank / Full name

R&B singer-songwriter Tank announced on Instagram this week that he is slowly losing his hearing. In a brief video shared on Wednesday, Tank, whose real name is Durrell Artaze Babbs, said that he is going “completely deaf” in his right ear and “kind of losing sound” in his left, along with some other symptoms.

Is Tank still married?

Now, for those who don’t know or didn’t quite remember Tank is married to Zena Foster– now Babbs– and has been since 2018. But long before they walked down the aisle and tied the knot, Tank and Zena had been together—off and on—since 2005.

What happened to Tank the R&B singer?

The “Maybe I Deserve” hitmaker revealed this news earlier in the year after explaining that he is going deaf in his right ear and losing his hearing in the other in an Instagram video; he was also diagnosed with an “extreme case of vertigo.”

Is the singer tank married?

Zena FosterTank / Spouse (m. 2018)

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Who is Tank parents?

Tank was born Durrell Babbs, on January 1, 1976, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His father worked for the ‘US Air Force. ‘ His mother was a religious woman, and took him regularly to church. He loved singing for the church choir, which was directed by his cousin, Alphonzo Jiles.

Do tanks have kids?

Durrell Babbs Jr.
Jordan BabbsZoey BabbsZion BabbsRyen Babbs

Who is tanks baby MaMa?

*Bossip Exclusive*: Tank’s Baby MaMa says She was NOT a ONE NIGHT STAND, Tank was Soaking Up Her Panties for a While!!! Love And Marriage Huntsville’s Melody Holt Tells ALL About …

Does Tank have a daughter?

Jordan Babbs
Zoey BabbsRyen Babbs

Is Tank still losing his hearing?

The milestone release precipitated a difficult decision: Having lost hearing in his right ear in 2021, the five-time Grammy nominee says R&B Money will be his final album. Now, in addition to a podcast and YouTube reality show, he’s set on mentoring the next generation. “I love and will still fight for R&B,” says Tank.

What condition does Tank have?

In an update Thursday, Tank spoke about his most recent doctor’s visit, sharing that his hearing had tested lower that day. The visit also revealed that he has a deviated septum, which the musician met with good humor. “We’re gonna be able to fix that, and hopefully my vocals will be able to sound better.”