Who is the first mate in one piece?

Who is the first mate in one piece?

Roronoa Zoro
The First Mate is the second-in-command of the pirate crew. He or she usually oversees the work of the other crew members, and answers only to the Captain. Despite never being stated as such in the story, Roronoa Zoro is unofficially thought of as the First Mate of the Straw Hats.

Who is buggy first mate?

By the end of the war, when Buggy reunited with his old crew, the convicts joined the crew, admiring First Mate Mohji and Chief of Staff Cabaji as well.

Who is the strongest first mate in one piece?

One Piece: Top 11 Strongest First Mates In History

  1. 1 Silvers Rayleigh. Topping our list is none other than the first-mate of the Roger Pirates, Rayleigh.
  2. 2 Marco. Marco is the former first division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates.
  3. 3 Charlotte Katakuri.
  4. 4 Ben Beckmann.
  5. 5 King.
  6. 6 Roronoa Zoro.
  7. 7 Jinbe.
  8. 8 Jesus Burgess.

Who is Kaido’s first mate?

Queen. Queen is one of the first mates of the Beast Pirates’ Captain, Kaido, aside from Jack and King. This pirate, who has a bounty of 1.32 billion Bellies on his head, proves to be a big threat to the World Government. Queen is the user of the Brachiosaurus-type Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit power.

Is Zoro first mate or vice captain?

Bartolomeo has also referred to Zoro as the first mate of the Straw Hat Pirates, although, by his own admission, that was just an assumption based on his personal views of the crew.

Who is first mate of shanks?

Benn Beckman
Crew Members

[v · e ·?] Red Hair Pirates
Chief Shanks First Mate Benn Beckman
Lucky Roux Yasopp Bonk Punch

Why is Buggy’s nose red?

Appearance. Buggy is a slim blue-haired man with an appearance resembling that of a clown, as to mirror his epithet. The big, red nose on his face is, in fact, his real nose.

Who is whitebeard first mate?

Kozuki Oden was Whitebeard’s First Mate.

Who is whitebeard’s first mate?

Who is the vice captain of straw hats?

Roronoa Zoro is the unofficial vice-captain and first mate of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is the first person to join Monkey D. Luffy’s crew and has continued to demonstrate his loyalty and commitment to his captain.

Who is Shanks first mate?