Who is the most popular actor in China 2021?

Who is the most popular actor in China 2021?

These 20 actors are the best and most popular to come out of China, a country that has been gifting the world with inspirational talents for decades.

  • Jiang Wen (姜文)
  • Ge You (葛优)
  • Li Lianjie (李连杰)
  • Wu Jing (吴京)
  • Chen Daoming (陈道明)
  • Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明)
  • Chen Kun (陈坤)
  • Liu Ye (刘烨)

Who is the most famous Hong Kong actor?

Top 10

  1. Jackie Chan (1954 – ) With an HPI of 83.40, Jackie Chan is the most famous Chinese Actor.
  2. Sammo Hung (1952 – ) With an HPI of 72.48, Sammo Hung is the 2nd most famous Chinese Actor.
  3. Chow Yun-fat (1955 – )
  4. Stephen Chow (1962 – )
  5. Andy Lau (1961 – )
  6. Yuen Biao (1957 – )
  7. Katrina Kaif (1983 – )
  8. John Lone (1952 – )

Who is the most popular Chinese celebrity?

Top 10 of 2019 CelebrityZ Most Influential Celebrity in China

Name Overall Ranking Ranking of Brand connectivity
Zanila Zhao 赵丽颖 1 1
Dilraba 迪丽热巴 2 4
Jay Chou 周杰伦 3 13
Mini Yang 杨幂 4 5

Who is No 1 actor in China?

LI Xian (actor) The show brought Li the “Most Popular Actor” honor at the 2017 Netease Awards. Li rose to the A-list of Chinese actors in 2019 with his starring role in the esports romantic comedy series “Go Go Squid!, in which he played a cold and introverted, yet ambitious, pro gamer.

Who is the most handsome guy in China?

Dingzhen Zhenzhu
Dingzhen Zhenzhu is a Tibetan yak herder who rose to fame in China in November 2020 after a clip of him smiling went viral on the country’s version of TikTok – Douyin. At the time he was 20 and dubbed as the most handsome man in China, but he soon found out that with online fame also comes negativity.

Who is a popular Chinese hero?

1. Zhuge Liang (诸葛亮), Also Referred to as Zhuge Kongming (诸葛孔明), AD 181–234.

Who is famous actors from Hong Kong?

Famous people from Hong Kong

  • Tony Leung Chiu Wai. Actor. Tony Leung Chiu-Wai is a Hong Kong actor and C-pop singer.
  • Anita Mui. Actor. Anita Mui Yim-fong was a Hong Kong singer and actress.
  • Maggie Cheung. Actor.
  • Aaron Kwok. Actor.
  • Tony Leung Ka-fai. Actor.
  • Romola Garai. Actor.
  • Eric Tsang. Actor.
  • Kelly Chen. Actor.

What is Chow Yun Fat net worth?

US$714 million
His reported net worth is HK$5.6 billion (US$714 million).

Who is the most paid actor in Hong Kong?

Moses Chan Reportedly Makes S$5.2Mil A Year At TVB, Is The Company’s Highest-Paid Actor

  • 1 of 5 No. 1: Moses Chan S$5.24mil.
  • 2 of 5 No. 2: Kenneth Ma S$1.4mil.
  • 3 of 5 No. 3: Vincent Wong S$1.05mil.
  • 4 of 5 No. 4: Wayne Lai S$870k.
  • 5 of 5 No. 4: Ruco Chan S$870k.

Who is the most followed celebrity on Weibo?

Xie Na
Xie Na holds the official Guinness World Record as the First Person to Accumulate 100 Million Followers on Weibo and for having the Most followers on Weibo. In January of 2021, the 39-year-old Xie Na announced her second pregnancy together with her husband Zhang Jie, with whom she has been together for ten years.

Who is the most handsome boy in China?

Once dubbed “China’s most handsome man”, Dingzhen Zhenzhu is now often used as a reference to anyone who is considered talentless but good-looking. His name became a derogatory term among some social media users.

Who is the youngest Chinese actor?

Leo Wu. This 18-year-old actor is all the talk these days. He’s known as the ‘Nation’s Little Brother’ in China and first came to fame through his work as a child actor. He’s since been in multiple tv shows and films, and become a favourite among the fashion elite.