Who owns Byron burgers?

Who owns Byron burgers?

Three Hills Capital Partners
Calveton Uk Limited
Byron/Parent organizations

Why is Byron burger called Byron?

“I wanted to call it Vincent after Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction [the character played by John Travolta] but we found a guy in Liverpool had started up a hotel and trademarked it. So we trawled through names and Byron sounded British,” he says.

Where was the first Byron burger?

west London
It’s a decade since the first Byron branch opened in west London and flipped the meat sandwich from junk food to high-quality restaurant dish.

Does Byron still exist?

The chain was founded in 2007 by Tom Byng. In July 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom, the chain closed outlets as part of a deal transferring 21 remaining sites and 551 staff to a new owner, Calveton UK. Byron (Famously Proper Ltd.)

Why is Byron closed?

Byron entered administration in July last year, hiring consultants at KMPG to review the chain’s portfolio, after temporarily closing its entire estate due to the Covid outbreak.

Who founded Byron burgers?

Tom ByngByron / Founder

Who founded Byron Burgers?

How many Byrons are in the UK?

Byron is a British casual dining burger restaurant chain. Over the period in consideration, Byron’s restaurant numbers grew, with 71 in operation as of the financial year ending June 2017. In 2018, there was a decline in the number of restaurants, down to 55.

What does the name Byron mean?

at the byres or barn
Meaning:at the byres or barn. Byron as a boy’s name is pronounced BYE-ron. It is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Byron is “at the byres or barn”.

Is Byron burger shutting down?

Byron Burger to bring back flagship restaurant after axing 31 stores for good last year. Restaurant chain Byron is to reopen its flagship Covent Garden branch nine months after shutting down for good as part of a pre-pack administration that involved 31 closures and 650 job losses.

Is Byron Burgers in trouble?

The struggling burger chain will permanently close over half of it’s 51 sites. Burger chain Byron will close over half of its restaurants across the UK, at the cost of 651 jobs. The struggling group will close 31 of its 51 restaurants after being bought in a pre-pack rescue deal by Calveton UK.

How many calories are in a Byron burger?

700 calories
There are 700 calories in 1 burger of Byron Byron Burger.