Who sang Perfect Day with Lou Reed?

Who sang Perfect Day with Lou Reed?

Lou ReedPerfect Day / ArtistLewis Allan Reed was an American musician, singer, songwriter, and poet. He was the guitarist, singer, and principal songwriter for the rock band the Velvet Underground and had a solo career that spanned five decades. Wikipedia

What is the meaning of the song Perfect Day?

The lyric is often considered to suggest simple, conventional romantic devotion, possibly alluding to Reed’s relationship with Bettye Kronstad and Reed’s own conflicts with his sexuality, drug use and ego.

What movie is Perfect Day Hoku in?

Legally BlondePerfect Day / Movie

Who sang on Perfect Day various artists?

Perfect Day: Lou Reed, Bono, Morcheeba, David Bowie, Suzanne Vega, Elton John, Boyzone, Lesley Garrett, Burning Spear, Thomas Allen, Heather Small, Emmylou Harris, Tammy Wynette, Shane McGowan, Dr.

Did David Bowie sing Perfect Day?

Featuring a wide-array of artists singing Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day.” Artists include: David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, Bono among many others.

Who wrote Perfect Day song?

Lou ReedPerfect Day / Composer

How old is Lou Reed?

71 years (1942–2013)Lou Reed / Age at death

Where is Hoku now?

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How many artists performed on Perfect Day 1997?

Various Artists (6) – Perfect Day ’97

Label: Chrysalis – 7243 8 85085 2 0, BBC – 7243 8 85085 2 0
Format: CD, Single
Country: Europe
Released: 1997
Genre: Pop

Who wrote the song Perfect Day?

Lou ReedPerfect Day / Lyricist

Did u2 sing Perfect Day?

The song “Perfect Day” was originally written and recorded by Lou Reed in the early 1970s. In 1997 the song was re-recorded with a variety of artists including Reed himself….

Release Date November 17, 1997 (Original)
Promotional Releases Not Available

What happened to Lou Reed’s Transformer shot?

According to Rock, “When I showed Lou the contact sheets, he zeroed in on the transformer shot. I made the print myself – as I usually did in those days. The first test I made fell out of focus in the exposure. Lou loved the result. It took me twelve attempts to reproduce this accident for the final larger print for the album cover”.

What songs did Lou Reed write in transformer?

As with its predecessor Lou Reed, Transformer contains songs Reed composed while in the Velvet Underground (here, four out of eleven). “Andy’s Chest” was first recorded by the band in 1969 and “Satellite of Love” demoed in 1970; these versions were released on VU and Peel Slowly and See, respectively.

Who wrote Perfect Day by Lou Reed?

Perfect Day (Lou Reed song) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ” Perfect Day ” is a song written by American musician Lou Reed in 1972. It was originally featured on Transformer, Reed’s second post– Velvet Underground solo album, and as a double A-side with his major hit, ” Walk on the Wild Side “.

Is Lou Reed to blame for Susan Boyle’s Perfect Day snub?

^ “Lou Reed – Reed Not To Blame For Susan Boyle’s Perfect Day Snub”. Contactmusic.com. Retrieved March 29, 2013. ^ NME: Lou Reed lets Susan Boyle cover ‘Perfect Day’ after all Published September 22, 2010.