Who was the starting line of the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers?

Who was the starting line of the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers?

The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened or existed. The starting line of the 1976 Flyers were part of the Devil Flanders’s hand-picked Jury of the Damned, and were the only jury members who frightened the Simpsons.

Who was on the 74 Flyers?

The 1974–75 Philadelphia Flyers season was the Philadelphia Flyers eighth season in the National Hockey League (NHL)….1974–75 Philadelphia Flyers season.

1974–75 Philadelphia Flyers
Assists Bobby Clarke (89)
Points Bobby Clarke (116)
Penalty minutes Dave Schultz (472)
Plus/minus Bobby Clarke (+79)

What did the 1976 Flyers do?

The game was notable for an incident where, after a body check delivered by the Flyers’ Ed Van Impe, CSKA’s top player, Valeri Kharlamov, was prone on the ice for a minute….1976 Philadelphia Flyers–Red Army game.

1 2 3 Total Red Army 0 1 0 1 Philadelphia Flyers 2 1 1 4
Date January 11, 1976
Attendance 17,007

When did the Flyers beat the Soviets?

January 11, 1976
It’s hard to believe that next week will mark the 38th anniversary of the famous Flyers exhibition against the Soviet Red Army. The game was played at the Spectrum on January 11, 1976, and it was one of the proudest moments in Flyers history.

Have the Philadelphia Flyers won a Stanley Cup?

Philadelphia Flyers, American professional ice hockey team based in Philadelphia that plays in the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). The Flyers have won two Stanley Cup championships (1974, 1975).

What day did the Flyers win the Stanley Cup in 1975?

May 27th, 1975
The Flyers beat the Sabres to win their second straight Stanley Cup on May 27th, 1975.

What Flyers numbers are retired?

For the Philadelphia Flyers, only six franchise legends have had their jersey numbers retired. That list, including Bernie Parent (1), Mark Howe (2), Barry Ashbee (4), Bill Barber (7), Bobby Clarke (16), and Eric Lindros (88), makes perfects sense considering how much each player contributed to the franchise.

Who broke Kharlamov ankle?

Bob Clarke’s
Even 33 years later, Bob Clarke’s two-handed slash that cracked an ankle of Russian superstar Valeri Kharlamov in the sixth game of the Summit Series rankles Yakushev. “That moment should be on Bobby Clarke’s conscience,” Yakushev said yesterday at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Who were the Broadway bullies?

The 1972-73 Philadelphia Flyers received their “Broad Street Bullies” nickname for their rough play and record-breaking accumulation of penalty minutes. The nickname was christened following an away game with the Atlanta Flames on January 3, 1973.

Why are the Flyers orange and black?

Also that day, he announced that there would be a contest to name the team and that the team colours would be orange, black and white. He said he wanted “hot” colours. Red was taken by Chicago and Montréal and orange was the closest thing to red.

Who won the 1976 Stanley Cup?

Montreal Canadiens1976 Stanley Cup Finals / Champion

1976 Montreal Canadiens Returning to the Stanley Cup Final after a two-year absence, the Montreal Canadiens swept Philadelphia to end the Flyers’ two-year reign as champions. Montreal’s Guy Lafleur scored his first two goals in the Final and both proved to be game winners.

Who did the Flyers beat in 1975 Stanley Cup?

Buffalo Sabres
Philadelphia Flyers defeat Buffalo Sabres 4-2.