Who wrote Teenage Kicks by The Undertones?

Who wrote Teenage Kicks by The Undertones?

John O’NeillTeenage Kicks / LyricistJohn Joseph O’Neill is the rhythm guitarist and principal songwriter of the punk rock/new wave band The Undertones. Wikipedia

What did John Peel say about Teenage Kicks?

Influential BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel is known to have repeatedly stated “Teenage Kicks” to be his all-time favourite song from 1978 until his death in 2004. When he first played the song on his show on 25 September, he played the song twice (something he had never previously done).

What Teenage Kicks mean?

In this context it means something that teenagers do for fun or for pleasure.

Who sang Teenage Kicks first?

The UndertonesTeenage Kicks / ArtistThe Undertones are a rock band formed in Derry, Northern Ireland in 1974. From 1975 to 1983, the Undertones consisted of Feargal Sharkey, John O’Neill, Damian O’Neill, Michael Bradley and Billy Doherty. Wikipedia

What was The Undertones biggest hit?

# 1 – You Got My Number.

Is Feargal Sharkey married?

Elizabeth SharkeyFeargal Sharkey / Spouse

Who’s the lead singer of The Undertones?

Paul McLooneThe Undertones / Lead singer

When did The Undertones released Teenage Kicks?

1978Teenage Kicks / Released

It may be one of the most cherished recordings ever, but the story behind the release of The Undertones’ Teenage Kicks in 1978 is long on happy accidents.

What year was Undertones Teenage Kicks?

1978Teenage Kicks / Released

When was Teenage Kicks written?

They released “Teenage Kicks” as their debut single in September 1978 and although it failed to chart, it did attract the attention of a certain DJ by the name of John Peel. It’s easy to see why….

Composer John O’Neill
Genre Rock
Album The Undertones
Year of Release 1978
UK Chart Position 31

What are undertones in music?

In music, the undertone series or subharmonic series is a sequence of notes that results from inverting the intervals of the overtone series. While overtones naturally occur with the physical production of music on instruments, undertones must be produced in unusual ways.

Where did The Undertones come from?

Londonderry, United KingdomThe Undertones / Origin