Are all cot mattresses the same size NZ?

Are all cot mattresses the same size NZ?

NZ Standard Size The NZ standard cot mattress measures 59 x 119cm or 60 x 120cm. These are very uncommon in NZ now apart from older, handed down cots. While they are called ‘standard’, they are now far from standard! We can no longer source any linen specific for this size.

How thick should a cot mattress be?

10 cm
We recommend a cot mattress of 10 cm thickness which should provide adequate support to your baby’s needs, and hold its shape better. Avoid 7-8 cm cot mattresses unless it’s only for occasional use.

What are boori cots painted in?

Eco-Blend Bio-Paint
Boori furniture is finished in a unique natural paint called Eco-Blend Bio-Paint, it’s made with renewable plant extracts including soy bean and corn.

Are boori cots safe?

When assembled correctly with proper checks, this is a very safe product for your baby to sleep in. All Boori cots and cot beds meet the strictest safety standards to instil peace of mind whilst your little one sleeps. Never consider second-hand dropside cot beds.

Should you always buy a new cot mattress?

If you’re borrowing a crib or a cot, or using one that’s been used by another of your children, you should ideally buy a new mattress. If you cannot do this, use the cot mattress you have, as long as it’s firm (not soft), flat, fits the cot with no gaps, is clean, dry, waterproof and not ripped or torn.

How do I choose a good cot mattress?

Follow guidelines from The Lullaby Trust who advise that your baby’s mattress needs to be firm, flat and in a good condition, with no signs of rips or tears or any sagging. Foam: Generally, the cheapest, foam mattresses are lightweight and provide good support.

What is the best type of cot mattress to buy?

The best cot mattresses and cot bed mattresses

  • Mother&Baby Pure Gold Anti-Allergy Coir Pocket Cot bed Mattress.
  • Mother Nature Classic Eco Fibre Cot Bed Mattress.
  • The Little Green Sheep Natural Twist Cot Bed Mattress.
  • Tutti Bambini Sprung Cot Bed Mattress.
  • Purflo Breathable Cot Bed Mattress.

What is the best cot mattress to get?

8 best cot mattresses for babies

  • SnuzSurface Duo Dual Sided Cot Mattress.
  • NaturalMat Quilted Spring Mat.
  • IKEA Jättetrött Pocket Sprung Cot Mattress.
  • Purflo Breathable Cot Mattress.
  • Silver Cross Truefit Superior Cot Mattress.
  • Little Green Sheep Twist Natural Cot Mattress.
  • Mamas and Papas Essential Pocket Spring Cot Mattress.

How do you clean a boori cot?

Clean furniture by wiping the surface with a soft cloth dampened with water. 5. If necessary clean furniture using a mild soap solution and wipe clean with a soft cloth dampened with water and then dry with soft clean cloth.

Are all boori cots convertible?

All our cot beds can be converted into a toddler bed once your baby reaches around 24 months old.

Are boori cots worth the money?

Boori has a great range and are very good quality. We particularly like and bought the Boori Classic cot because it has a really nice design which goes well with just about anything and of course you can use it as a cot or a small bed with side rails.

Is boori Australian made?

Our Heritage. Boori was born out of an independent nursery store in Sydney, Australia back in 1993. Our founder Justin Chui was running the shop when a factory supplying the products was struggling, Justin became more involved in production and eventually took ownership of the factory.