Are BendPak lifts worth it?

Are BendPak lifts worth it?

The majority of reviews of the best car lifts include BendPak as the best possible choice for a reason: our quality, durability and longevity are more important factors than price alone. In fact, BendPak consistently takes the top spot on these lists, including this cherry ranking as the best four-post lift.

Are BendPak lifts made in China?

BendPak has automotive lift manufacturing facilities overseas, specifically in China. They manufacture their lifts in a modern factory that meets and exceeds all safety ANSI standards.

Is QuickJack made by BendPak?

BendPak’s QuickJack Portable Car Lift Offers Power, Freedom QuickJack is the world’s first and only portable car lift to truly meet the needs of wrenchers and professional techs in any situation.

Who owns BendPak lifts?

Don Henthorn
Led by the unrivaled experience of Don Henthorn, President and Owner of BendPak, our executive team thrives through innovation and expansion.

How much does a BendPak lift weight?

Get a High-Capacity Two-Post Car Lift No matter the capacity of the model you choose, BendPak has an ALI Certified car lift for you. Our lighter-duty 9,000-lb. and 10,000-lb.

Which two post lift is best?

The Best 2-Post Car Lift

  1. APlusLift Two-Post Overhead Auto Car Lift.
  2. Bendpak Dual-Width Asymmetric 2-post Car Lift.
  3. XK 10000 Pounds 2-Post Car Lift.
  4. Triumph NT 11000-Pound Two-Post Auto Lift.
  5. Triumph NT9FP 9000-Pound Auto Lift.
  6. Chien Rong CR Overhead Two-Post Lift.
  7. CR 10000-LB 220V Auto Lift.

What car lifts are made in USA?

Mohawk Lifts are proudly 100% designed, welded, and manufactured in the U.S.A. At Mohawk, we stand behind the “Made in the USA” label that we put on our automotive garage lifts.

Are Mohawk Lifts Made in the USA?

Mohawk builds the best products with the finest materials, to the highest standards. Proudly designed, welded and manufactured in the USA. If there is a vehicle in the air, make sure there is a Mohawk Lift underneath it!

Is a QuickJack worth it?

The QuickJack works great on cars with very little ground clearance and I just push the two units together in the center and park one of my cars right above them. I can literally have my car raised in two minutes which saves a lot of time.

Who owns QuickJack?

QuickJack is the average car guy’s or gal’s dream. It’s faster and safer than jack stands, and it’s essentially zero-footprint when stowed away. If you want a full-sized car lift, our parent company BendPak makes the safest, most rugged car lifts you’re going to find.

Does BendPak own Ranger?

In 1997, BendPak sent shock waves throughout the industry by unveiling an entirely new division of quality automotive equipment united under the banner of Ranger Products.