Are black kitchen worktops a good idea?

Are black kitchen worktops a good idea?

They’re easy to keep clean Black is one of the most forgiving colours around and hides dirt and stains far better than white kitchen counters. You don’t need to worry about any wear and tear over the years, as black worktops don’t show scratches and stains in the same way that lighter counters do.

What is the most suitable material for a kitchen work surface?

The Best Kitchen Worktop Materials Natural stone, timber/wooden, laminate and composite, like quartz (a man-made mix) are popular choices for kitchen worktops. Concrete, steel and zinc are also options that will add an industrial edge to your kitchen.

What width can you get worktops in?

Sizes. All wood worktops are available in a vast variety of sizes, starting from 2000 x 620mm with a 27mm thickness and ranging to as large as 4000 x 720mm with a 40mm thickness. The lengths of our laminate worktops are available between 3000mm and 4100mm, with a width of 600mm and a thickness of 38mm.

How wide is a kitchen work surface?

The standard kitchen worktop width is commonly recognised as 600mm.

Are black kitchen countertop out of style?

The black countertops of today are as timeless as white marble and as versatile as the LBD (little black dress) in your closet. And even better, they lend themselves to pretty much any kitchen style, including modern, bohemian, minimalist, and even rustic.

What colour goes best with black worktop?

Add vibrancy to your dark kitchen design with bold, bright colours. A touch of a natural colour can elevate a monochrome colour scheme, or metallic elements like gold and copper contrast beautifully.

Is Corian cheaper than marble?

Corian countertops installations run from $35 to $100 per square foot. Average Corian countertop costs are $45 – $65 per square foot. Cultured marble countertops go for $44 – $68 per square foot.

What is the cheapest type of worktop?

Worktop material prices In general terms, natural marble and quartz would be in the group of cheapest countertop materials.

What width are IKEA worktops?

One of the issues with Ikea is that their kitchen worktops are all 635mm (63.5cm) width whereas standard worktops are 600mm (60cm) so many off the shelf worktops elsewhere will fall short of the width required.

What is the best thickness for kitchen worktop?

Generally, 3cm thickness is all the rage in 2019 and considered to be the ideal choice. It gives flexibility to a worktop design and also available in a wide range of designs and colours. You also don’t have to make an extra laminated edge with 3cm thick slab for hiding plywood underlayment.

What is the standard size for a kitchen countertop?

The standard counter height is 36 inches for kitchens and 32 inches for bathrooms.

Are black countertops dated?

While many have asked and/or implied that granite is going out of favor, I would refine that statement to this: specifically black counter tops, regardless of material, are what is dated, not granite, per se.