Are Cooper off-road tires good?

Are Cooper off-road tires good?

The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tires are some of the best all-season trail riding and rock crawling tires on the market today. Offroaders will not be disappointed with a set of STT Pros on their off-road vehicles.

Are Cooper Discoverer STT loud?

They look great, but they’re just plain noisy and create an unreal amount of low speed vibration (at this point).

What does STT mean on tires?

Super Traction Tread
STT stands for “Super Traction Tread,” and indeed it is. Just looking at the tire, we knew Cooper had a winner here.

What does STT Pro mean?

The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro. The Discoverer STT Pro is the most extreme, toughest mud-terrain tire from Cooper to date.

How many ply is Cooper STT Pro?

The STT Pro sports a three-ply sidewall that features the company’s Armor-Tek3 protective ply. This ply in the sidewall runs 90 degrees to the first two, giving the tire increased strength and sidewall puncture resistance.

Is Cooper STT Pro a mud tire?

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Features Designed to enhance the performance of any off-roading vehicle, the Cooper STT Pro is a Mud and Snow (M+S) rated tire with the aggressive performance you need to take on the toughest trails.

Are Cooper STT Pro tires good in snow?

The STT Pro’s might not be the worst tire for snow but they are below average.

What company owns Cooper Tires?

Goodyear Tire and Rubber CompanyCooper Tire & Rubber Company / Parent organization

How many ply are Cooper STT Pro?

Is Cooper STT pro good in snow?

The STT Pro’s might not be the worst tire for snow but they are below average. If I had to give them a rating between 1 and 10 on their performance on slippery roads, where 1 is a completely impractical racing slick, 10 is a studded tire, and 5 is an average truck tire, a 3 is all they earn.

Do Cooper STT Pro have a snowflake?

They aren’t sold as a snow tire and are not snow flake rated, but they are soft enough not to turn into hockey pucks and the sipes also help them to remain moldable I guess you could say.