Are LTZ 400s good?

Are LTZ 400s good?

The Suzuki LTZ 400 (QuadSport Z400) was a high-performance quad that dominated the market segment between 2003 and 2018. Considered one of the best sport ATVs of all time, this machine featured aggressive bodywork, long-travel suspension, and a powerful 398-cc engine.

How heavy is a LTZ 400?

Other Specifications Overall, this ATV measures 72 inches long by 45.9 inches inches wide by 45.7 inches tall. The seat height is 31.9 inches, and the ground clearance is 10.4 inches. The dry weight is 372 pounds and the wheelbase measures 49 inches.

Is a LTZ 400 a 4 stroke?

Engine and Gears The liquid-cooled engine on the 2003 Suzuki LTZ-400 is a 398 cc, four-stroke, dual overhead cam. The engine features only one cylinder with four valves and has a 3.543-inch bore and a 2.465-inch stroke.

Whats faster LTZ 400 or 400ex?

I’ve ridden both and the z400 wins hands down. It’s much faster than the 400ex, but you can still trail ride all day on it.

Does Suzuki LTZ 400 have reverse?

The Quadsport Z400 uses a manual clutch with a 5-speed transmission and a reverse gear.

What oil should I use in my LTZ 400?

ATV Power SAE 5W-40 Synthetic 4T Engine Oil, by Motul USA®. This product is made of high-quality components to meet and exceed strict quality requirements.

What stroke is a Suzuki LTZ 400?

As in previous years, the LTZ engine is a liquid cooled, 398cc 4-stroke, single-cylinder, dual overhead cam engine with a counter-balancer.

What kind of oil does a LTZ 400 take?

How much oil does LTZ 400 take?

3 Quarts
About this item. ***Kit includes 3 Quarts of Suzuki 4-Cycle Motorcycle Engine Oil, One OEM Suzuki oil Filter, and One Crush Washer.

Does a 2003 ltz400 have reverse?

Clutch and Transmission The Quadsport Z400 uses a manual clutch with a 5-speed transmission and a reverse gear.