Are Megan coilovers any good?

Are Megan coilovers any good?

The Street coilovers are the best the company has to offer for the daily driver. While the suspension is more firm than stock, many customers say the ride is still very good but the handling is extremely intensified. Most have camber plates and these have 32 way adjustable dampening.

Is Megan Racing BC coilovers?

“BC and Megan coilovers are the exact same coilovers”. This blog post is to show the differences between the BC and Megan coilovers and discuss the differences between them. First off, the BC and Megan coilovers do have one huge common factor – they are both made by BC.

How do you adjust a Megan EZ Street coilover?

Adjust the ride height to the same setting on both the left and right side of the car. Adjust the damper setting on the suspension to your desired rate. Adjust the setting by tightening the knob all the way till it stops, and then turning back the knob (from 32 to 1) till the desired setting.

Where are Megan Racing coilovers made?

Where are coilovers made? Our ultimate guide!

Brand Line Made
Megan Racing EZ Coilovers Taiwan
Megan Racing EZ II Coilovers Taiwan
Megan Racing Street Coilovers Taiwan
Ohlins Sweden

Are BC Racing coilovers any good?

The ride quality was actually improved for the most part. There are exceptions to this like crossing railroad tracks where the ride gets pretty harsh. But around town and on the freeway, the coilovers soak up bumps really well, arguably better than the stock suspension.

Are Godspeed coilovers good?

They were fairly easy to install, The ride quality is good for these recently went on a 6 hour road trip and they were very comfortable, much better than oem struts. The handling is better than oem I’m able to drive spirited with confidence.

Can you rebuild Megan coilovers?

There are currently no replacement parts available for repairs. This service is strictly for revalve/performance enhancing a known good set of shocks/struts. Any shocks/struts submitted that are found to have pre-existing damage will be returned to the customer (+$50 fee).

Is Megan Racing Japanese?

Megan Racing’s materials are sourced from both domestic and imported origins such as the Japanese steel that the company uses in many of their products such as lowering springs and stainless-steel exhaust components.

How many years do coilovers last?

Most coilovers from reputable brands have at least a 5-year warranty (or even lifetime for the better ones). If there’s a lot of oil leak, you should get the coilovers fixed asap.

Can you daily drive coilovers?

For a brief answer – no, coilovers are not really suitable for daily driving because they make your ride extremely stiff and uncomfortable. Although it’s possible to adjust coilovers to make it acceptable for daily driving.