Can I buy from KrisShop without flying?

Can I buy from KrisShop without flying?

KrisShop, Singapore Airlines’ flagship retailer, offers an extensive selection of products on, ranging from beauty and fragrances to electronics and exclusive co-branded items. With, you can shop anywhere anytime and have your items delivered directly to your doorstep when you’re not flying.

Why is KrisShop cheaper?

(The prices are correct as at the time of writing.) Aside from the Apple AirPods which is probably a controlled-price item, KrisShop is cheaper for everything else….Conclusion: is KrisShop cheaper than iShopChangi?

Product / category KrisShop iShopChangi
Apple AirPods with Charging Case $223.36 $223.36

What is KrisShop living items?

KrisShop Living items are products or services that are fulfilled by brands directly and are not applicable for inflight delivery. They can be identified via the “KrisShop Living” label on the respective product page.

Who owns KrisShop?

The completely revamped KrisShop brand and platform is part of a joint venture between Singapore Airlines, 3Sixty and SATS. The joint venture creates innovative opportunities for all parties.

How do I link KrisFlyer to KrisShop?

How to link your KrisFlyer account to KrisShopper. To link accounts, simply sign-in to your KrisFlyer account on You’ll see the following pop-up window appear automatically.

How do I pay with KrisPay?

Simply enter the amount of KrisPay miles you wish to use for your payment, and the cashier at our partner outlets will inform you of the remaining amount to be paid using cash, credit card or debit card, where applicable.

How do I use my PPS voucher in KrisShop?

To redeem your eVouchers or PPS Club gift vouchers, simply:

  1. Shop and add items to your shopping bag.
  2. During checkout, apply eligible voucher code(s) under Voucher and Promotion Codes. Multiple voucher codes may be used in a single transaction.
  3. Proceed to payment.

How do I track my order from KrisShop?

Please contact KrisShop Customer Service at [email protected] or +65 6542 3208 to track the status of your order. Be sure to check your inbox (within next 10 minutes) for your exclusive one-time promo code!

How do I earn KrisPay miles?

How do I earn miles through KrisPay? KrisPay miles are earned from your purchases made using cash, credit card or debit card payments at partner outlets. Simply key in the value of the payment made, and show the cashier the dynamic QR code generated on your mobile device.

What is the value of 1 KrisFlyer mile?

1.02 cents
How much do Singapore Airlines think a KrisFlyer mile is worth? Just 1 cent (or, more accurately, 1.02 cents). That’s because it’s what they’ll give you off any full fare ticket when you choose to part-pay with miles.

Can I earn KrisFlyer miles if I book for someone else?

Can I earn and redeem KrisFlyer miles on other partner airlines? Yes, you can earn and redeem KrisFlyer miles on partner airlines….Accrual levels for flights on Singapore Airlines and SilkAir.

Membership tier Online Offline
KrisFlyer Elite Gold Free 2,500 KrisFlyer miles/ US$25

Can I transfer KrisPay to KrisFlyer?

Yes, you can. Earned KrisPay miles can be transferred to your KrisFlyer account within 7 days of earning the miles. To do so, simply tap on the “Transfer to KrisFlyer” button which will be present in the miles earned confirmation screen or transaction details screen.