Can you say yes indeed?

Can you say yes indeed?

: certainly —used as more emphatic affirmative reply than “yes” alone “Do you know him?” “Yes, indeed!”

What does indeed mean in texting?

Basically indeed means “truth” in some way or it’s like saying “truthfully, yes.”2020年8月19日

What is mean of indeed?

without any question

What does Aye mean?


How do you punctuate indeed?

Commas—sometimes paired with semicolons—are traditionally used to set off adverbs such as however, therefore, and indeed. When the adverb is essential to the meaning of the clause, or if no pause is intended or desired, commas are not needed.

What is a weegie in Scotland?

Weegie is a slang term referring to people from Glasgow in Scotland, which is used as a noun or adjective. It is a contraction of the word Glaswegian, referring to people from Glasgow

Is it ye or Yee?

As pronouns the difference between ye and yee is that ye is (archaic|outside|northern england|cornwall|ireland) you (the people being addressed) while yee is (archaic|and|geordie) you (the people being addressed).

What is another word for yes?

What is another word for yes?

yeah yep
OK ya
amen ay
aye correct
definitely okeydoke

What does Yes Aye mean?

English Language Learners Definition of aye : a yes vote. See the full definition for aye in the English Language Learners Dictionary. aye.

Is indeed grammatically correct?

used to express that something is correct: “Is this your dog?” “It is indeed.”/”Indeed it is.” Yes, I did indeed say that.

Where does indeed go in a sentence?

You use indeed at the end of a clause to give extra force to the word ‘very,’ or to emphasize a particular word. The results are often strange indeed.

Is Aye Scottish or Irish?

It is not only Irish; it is very common in contemporary Scottish English, and some Northern English dialects. (Confusingly, ay or aye can also mean ‘ever’, but pronounced [eI], to rhyme with day.)2020年1月7日

Can a sentence start with indeed?

Yes, the sentence is OK. The meaning is something like this: Is it recommended to start a sentence with “indeed” in a research paper?

Why do cowboys say yee haw?

exclamation. An expression of enthusiasm or exuberance, typically associated with cowboys or rural inhabitants of the southern US. ‘He had a strong urge to shoot it off yelling a stereotypical yeehaw, then repressed it. ‘

What is undoubtedly mean?

adverb. certainly or definitely; unquestionablyhe is undoubtedly talented. (sentence modifier) without doubt; certainly or indisputablyundoubtedly there will be changes.

What is another word for indeed?

What is another word for indeed?

certainly really
undoubtedly verily
veritably in fact
alright assuredly
categorically clearly

What does it mean when a guy says aye?


What does ye mean from a girl?

YE means “Yes”.

Why do Scots say aye?

Aye. Aye means yes, often replacing the latter in day-to-day life in Scotland. Conversely, ‘aye, right’ is used when expressing feelings of disbelief (think of it as the Scottish equivalent to ‘yeah, right’)

What does thank you very much indeed mean?

Indeed in this case would mean, in truth or truly to express complete sincerity in their thanks. Adding the word “indeed” is a means of demonstrating that the thanks are sincerely felt rather than just standard form. Americans would use, “Thank you very much.”2016年7月27日