Did President Coin deserve to die?

Did President Coin deserve to die?

Absolutely. She was the one who ordered the Parachute attack on the children used by Snow as human shields of the Presidents palace. She was the one who wanted to continue the Hunger Games, first “only” with Capitol children (and later possibly also whith the children of whoever else dared to rebel the new regime.)

What happens to Gale at end of Mockingjay?

In the Mockingjay movie, Katniss confronts Gale about his role in Prim’s death, which he struggles to come to terms with. Katniss, unable to look at him the same way, lets him walk away without a word and eventually ended up living with Peeta. Like the films, Gale moved to District 2 to work for the military.

How does The Hunger Games show a dystopian society?

The Hunger Games is classified as dystopian literature because it deals with a frightening world controlled by a totalitarian government that severely limits the rights of its citizens. Therefore, a battle for freedom must be fought.

Is Lucy Gray Baird Katniss’s grandmother?

The fact that ONLY Lucy Gray called them Katniss seemed like an attempt to say that she was more closely tied to Katniss than the rest of the Covey. There are definitely some things, however that favor Maude Ivory being the Grandmother.

Does snow Love Lucy Gray?

This was his first experience loving someone he wasn’t tied to by blood. He adored Lucy Grey. She was who he wanted to spend his life with. Until he realized that his idea of a future wasn’t compatible with hers.

Is Katniss really pregnant in Catching Fire?

In Catching Fire, Peeta lied about Katniss being pregnant to try to protect her from the Games. Katniss said that she miscarried due to an electric shock in the arena. However, during the 15 years after the events of Mockingjay, Katniss became pregnant legitimately.

Which district is the richest in the Hunger Games?

District 1

What did Gale do wrong?

In the end he cared more about satisfying his vengeance than he did about her. Um, he bombed the innocent captial children , killing her SISTER. He unknowing betrays her. When the bombs were set off at the end of the movie, Gale and Beetee were the ones who made them.

Why did Lucy GREY kill Snow?

She changed her name so she could leave her old life behind then she worked her way up the scale and became President Coin. That’s why, when Katniss wanted to kill Snow, she was fine with it. Because she wanted to watch him suffer the way she had suffered for so many years.

What makes Panem a dystopia?

Panem as a Dystopia A government that has total control often rules over a repressed society. They give the society an illusion that their power is never total, but the illusion is, however, maintained through absolute control over the people within that said society.

Who killed Primrose?

Before Katniss can reach her and bring her to safety, the second wave of bombs explodes, killing Prim and other medics and badly burning Katniss. Prim’s last word ever in the book is Katniss.

Is President snow a bad guy?

President Coriolanus Snow is the main antagonist of Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games trilogy. He is the tyrannical President of Panem (North America after the apocalypse).

Why was haymitch killed?

The other tribute, a female from district one, decided to just wait until Haymitch died of natural causes or whatever came first. However, she ended up throwing an axe at him but he managed to dodge it. Due to the forcefield, the axe came flying back right into the tribute and killed her.

What type of society is Panem?

Panem is a totalitarian society and a police state modeled somewhat on ancient Rome. Districts 1-12 are subservient to the Capitol. The Districts provide resources to the Capitol in exchange for protection by and from the Capitol’s army of “Peacekeepers”.

Why did snow laugh when Katniss kill coin?

Her sister was killed by Coin, and the only choice she really had was to let the old leader die, and get rid of the new leader. By doing so, she allowed the country to have a real choice – something she has been denied her entire life. Yet it was Snow that manipulated her into this path of revenge. So Snow laughed.

How did haymitch win his games?

Haymitch won his own Games by using the arena’s force field as a weapon – a subversive act which the Capitol did not take well. We learn in the Mockingjay book that a couple of weeks after his victory, Haymitch’s mother, younger brother and girlfriend were all killed by Snow as punishment.

How is District 12 a dystopian society?

FROM THE BOOK: District 12 has many elements which fit in with the key conventions of dystopian fiction. For example, the freedom of the citizens is restricted by a ‘chain-link fence’ which surrounds the district. The government of Panem have set out clear guidelines of where they want citizens to go.

What are Avoxes in The Hunger Games?

In the Suzanne Collins book, an Avox is someone who has been punished for rebelling against the Capitol. Their tongues are cut out, which forces them to be unable to speak. In Hunger Games, Katniss recognizes an Avox from when she was hunting with best friend Gale in the woods outside of District 12.

Is Katniss related to Lucy Gray?

Katniss’s dad also takes her to a lake deep in the woods, where she learns to swim. The three girls are all Baird cousins, but their children could have inherited their fathers’ surnames. As of the end of Ballad, Lucy Gray’s fate is a mystery, but it is possible that she survives and returns to District Twelve.

Is Lucy Gray Baird mentioned in The Hunger Games?

Book Mentioned Lucy Gray Baird was the female tribute from District 12 in the 10th Hunger Games.

Are coins evil?

He’s evil, yes, but more than that, he represents evil. As the series goes on, we become focused on Snow. But remember who the real enemy is. That’s why it was so important to show that Coin was as bad as Snow — because the enemy isn’t a person, it’s a nature.