Does California DMV have live chat?

Does California DMV have live chat?

Interacting with DMV has been made easier with the addition of Miles, the online chatbot, and a live chat option during business hours.

Can you call the DMV?

(800) 777-0133California Department of Motor Vehicles / Customer service

Can I email California DMV?

For assistance with your driver license/ identification card issue, please contact the Error Processing Section Unit at (916) 657-8545. Or email us at [email protected] Include reference # 812109 in the subject line of your email.

Can I email the CA DMV a question?

The California Department of Motor Vehicles would like to assist you. Please email us at [email protected] .

What time does the CA DMV open?

The offices will open at 7 a.m. four days a week. They will continue to open at 9 a.m. on Wednesdays and close at 5 p.m. daily. * Driver License Processing Centers only process driver license and identification card transactions.

Can I register my car in California online?

In California, online car registration can only be used for cars that are currently registered in California and have been within the past year. If you are looking to register a car from out of state or looking to register a car that has not been registered in over a year, you will need to go to the DMV.

Can I drive my car while waiting for registration in California?

Law enforcement officers generally provide a grace period of up to two months before pulling over or ticketing drivers with expired tags, “because California Vehicle Code Section 4606 authorizes you to operate your vehicle while waiting for your renewal to be processed by the DMV,” Greenstein said.

How do I access DMV information from an advisor?

In order to access valuable DMV information from these advisors, you must first fill out the online form. The form requests certain details that will help the DMV advisors assist you in a timely and professional manner. Along with your question, you must make sure to provide the following information:

How can the DMV advisors help me with auto insurance?

You can contact the DMV Advisors when you need help finding cheap auto insurance or financing for your vehicle. Private insurance companies offer rates and deals based on different factors. With the advice of the DMV Advisors, you can determine what type of insurance is best for you.

Where can I take care of business with the DMV?

Did You Know? In addition to DMV offices many business partner locations are operating, such as registration service providers and DMV Now kiosks. See if you can take care of business with any of them.

Where can I get help with DMV questions?

If the DMV information you need is not addressed on the website, or you need a more in-depth explanation, the DMV Advisors can help. The steps to submit your questions are simple, and your expert advice will arrive in no time. You can get assistance with a variety of topics, from licensing and citations to vehicle records and financing.