Does CeCe from Shake It Up have dyslexia?

Does CeCe from Shake It Up have dyslexia?

Trivia. In this episode, it’s revealed that CeCe has dyslexia. Bella Thorne has dyslexia in real life. Oddly and cointidentially enough, in the previous episode, Meatball it Up, it says that Rocky is a vegeterian, and Zendaya, is a vegetarian in real life.

Who is the redhead in Shake It Up?

Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson, is the host of the dance show “Shake It Up, Chicago”. He is attracted to photo shoots and drives a red Porche.

What is rocky short for in Shake It Up?

Raquel Valeria Oprah “Rocky” Blue is one of the two main protagonists of Shake It Up.

Why did Gunther leave shake it?

Favorite Answer The only reason why he left was because he was offered a leading role in a show called “Contest”. They’ll get to their destination and say, “See, I’m a good person. RE: Why did Kenton Duty (Gunther Hessenheffer) leave Shake It Up?

Do Tinka and Ty date?

It has also been confirmed that Ty would be dating one of the main characters in season 3. It was revealed that it was, in fact, Tinka, they finally come together in Future It Up. This relationship is very popular, and supported by most of the GeCe, Reuce, Deucina, DeCe, Runther, Rogan, and Cogan shippers.

Are Bella and Zendaya still friends?

Over the years, both Zendaya and Bella have gushed about their longtime friendship in various interviews and on social media. Now, J-14 is taking a walk down memory lane to relive Zendaya and Bella’s friendship from the beginning, including all the times they reunited and gushed over each other during interviews.

How old is Ty Blue?

Ty Blue
Gender Male
Date of Birth May 16, 1995 age (25)
Resides in Chicago, Illinois
Occupation Student Rapper Host on Shake It Up, Chicago Dancer

What nationality were Gunther and Tinka?

History. Gunther was born in a small unnamed mountain country in Eastern Europe with his fraternal twin sister, Tinka.