Does Chessington hotel include breakfast?

Does Chessington hotel include breakfast?

STAY AT CHESSINGTON Your family getaway includes an overnight stay, entry to the Theme Park*, Zoo & SEA LIFE centre and a delicious breakfast.

What is the hidden gruffalo gift at Chessington?

Behind the faux stone cushions on the floor was a hidden door and when you opened the door the children found a Gruffalo story book. My youngest daughter loved reading the book before bed along with watching the film from her bunk bed.

Does 3 under Chessington include 3?

For the purposes of admission an adult is 12 years and older at Chessington World of Adventures Resort. We do not accept entry into the park of children under 12 years old without an adult 18 years old or over. All those aged 3 years and over require an entry ticket.

Can you see animals from Chessington Hotel?

Its brilliant to hear that you and your family enjoyed our views on to the Wanyama Reserve, home to free ranging animals such as; giraffes, zebras and ostriches! We do hope that you will return back to the resort again soon!

What time is early ride at Chessington?

9.30am- 10am
IS EARLY RIDE TIME AVAILABLE? Absolutely, Early Ride Time is available for all guests staying in the Resort Hotels with a main Theme Park Short Break package (between 17th March – 30th October 2022). You’ll have access to the Theme Park and Zoo from 9am, and select rides and attractions from 9.30am- 10am!

What is the room on the broom ride?

Room on the Broom – A Magical Journey makes good use of a variety of effects including animatronics, projection mapping, smoke and water. The walkthough includes a series of interactive scenes – children must jump up and down to fetch the hat, search for the bow in haystacks and catch fireflies to find the wand.

Is Chessington good for 2 year old?

Great theme park for toddlers 2+ years old, younger ones may struggle as not a great deal of rides suitable for them, but the zoo and sealife center are very good. Lots of rides for the 2 year olds, in the week the queues aren’t too long so would recommend going then.

What age is free at Chessington?

3 years old
A free under 3 ticket can be added to your booking when purchasing your tickets.

What age is Chessington aimed at?

The park is suitable for all ages, including families with young children. Most rides and attractions are only restricted by height. Smaller children usually have to be accompanied by an adult over 16 years old.

Do they have giraffes at Chessington?

Chessington World of Adventures Resort recently welcomed two new giraffes to our herd – Oscar and Napoli – who have joined us from Woburn Safari Park. Oscar and Napoli are already settling into life at Chessington well, and thoroughly enjoy venturing around our Zufari and Wanyama Reserve.