Does Just Cause have cheats?

Does Just Cause have cheats?

This page contains information on cheats, exploits and in-game secrets found in Just Cause 3. There aren’t any known cheats currently, but there are some cool mechanics that will help players get around Medici.

How do you call the black market in Just Cause 2?

The black market is unlocked for use by the player at the end of the second storyline mission Casino Bust and can be called by using a beacon. The beacon is activated by pressing 4 then E (PC); ↓ then Y (Xbox) and ↓ then ∆ (PS3).

Is there cheat codes for Just Cause 2?

Just Cause 2 Money Cheats Navigate to X3632, Y31521 on the map and complete the base jump event for an easy $20,000. After completing the Roaches Stronghold mission, you can navigate to X3402, Y15504 and complete another easy base jump event for $20,000.

Does Just Cause 3 have cheat codes?

Unfortunately, there don’t appear to be any hard-coded cheats for Just Cause 3. Certainly nothing on par with the numerous console commands available to Fallout 4 players or the oft-used ammunition and God mode cheats included in each new Grand Theft Auto.

Where is Thor’s Hammer in Just Cause 3?

You can find Thor’s Hammer here on the map. You will need to use a helicopter to get up there. When you are flying above the Hammer you will see a large crater that you can land in. When you land inside, you can run to the center to find the Thor’s Hammer.

How do you open the map in Just Cause 2?

What key do press to see the map? yep, later its 4 to use your beacon and E to call the blackmarket guy. F1 for map, F for shooting hookline, space for parachute. E for activating items, or entering vehicles, and some others.

How do you buy ammo in Just Cause 2?

You either pick it up from Soldiers dropping that weapon or just rebuy the Weapon from the Black Market. When you touch it’s case, it just refills your ammo if you have that weapon equipped. There are also weapon stashes around military bases where you can replenish for free.

What is the fastest car in Just Cause 2?

Titus ZJ
World of Warcraft: Dragonflight – The Loop

Titus ZJ
Top Speed 85
Acceleration 83
Armour 30
Handling 70

How do you skip missions in Just Cause 2?

You can abort a mission by hitting Esc and then selecting Abort Mission. The only missions that you’re required to do in order are the Agency story missions, and you can’t skip to the next one.

How do I get Zabijak U 24?

The U 24 Zabijak is your reward for finding all the vintage parts on Insula Fonte….Collect all these vintage parts and you’ll earn the U-24 Zabijak.

  1. U-24 Zabijak Vintage Part 1 (37.120 N, 38.980 E) Look inside the Inside the cave.
  2. U-24 Zabijak Vintage Part 2 (37.027 N, 39.500 E) This part is inside the caves.

How do you unlock the wind gun?


  1. They can be randomly located at some Black Hand bases within weapon crates.
  2. Otherwise, it is unlocked for supply drop after securing the Qachas region.
  3. If one gets the Danger Rising DLC, one spawns in an Agency weapon crate on the USS Whitefeather.