Does KMC make good chains?

Does KMC make good chains?

Is Kmc a Good Brand of Chain? KMC have a great reputation for making some of the most durable, lightweight and smooth shifting chains around. However, their chains do have a high price tag compared to their Shimano counterpart.

Are KMC chains durable?

Extremely durable The many field tests we have conducted, clearly show that KMC chains last much longer than comparable chains from other brands. We support this statement with our unique satisfaction guarantee Durability Warranty, proving the trust we put in our products.

Which KMC chain is the best?

KMC X8. With high end-quality alloy materials and a mushroomed pin, this chain is one of the most durable chains available. Compatible with 8 speeds and measuring in ½” x 3/32″ with 116 links, you’ll want to see how quiet and smooth this chain really is on your 8-speed.

Are KMC chains noisy?

The chain is noisy. Sounds like jockey noise any time I am on the lower half of the cassette in the large ring. Dropping to the small ring and moving back into the higher end of the cassette eliminated the noise, but this kept me in the small ring for rollers I’m normally still in the big ring for…

Is KMC better than Shimano?

The difference between the Shimano chain and the KMC is marginal; your choice will always come to personal preference. For a professional rider or a rider looking for reliability and to improve their performance, you cannot go wrong with a Shimano chain.

How long does a KMC chain last?

The lifespan of a bike chain will vary from one rider to another because not everyone treats their bike the same way. In most cases, bicycle chains are good for up to 3,000 miles….How Many Miles Should a Bike Chain Last?

Type of bike Chain life expectancy
Mountain 500 – 1,500 miles
Electric 2,000 – 3,000 miles

When should a KMC 11 speed chain be replaced?

The likes of KMC, SRAM, Park Tool and Abbey Bike Tools all agree that the 0.5 percent marking on most chain checkers is a safe point to replace the chain before cassette wear becomes an issue. You can push it out toward the 0.75 percent, but you risk overcooking the situation depending on the checker.

How can you tell a real KMC chain?

We can tell if we get good pictures of the chain and of the packaging, both front and rear side. Note that we can’t handle it if all KMC customers send us photos and ask if their chains are genuine or not. Please buy at your local bike shop only or at a trusted online bike shop.

Which bike chains last the longest?

“SRAM claim the world’s longest-lasting chain with their XX1, and they are not kidding,” Kerin said. “Both the X01 and XX1 chains were so far ahead of any other chain from a pure elongation wear measure that I had to re-run the tests. The results were basically identical. Their longevity is phenomenal.”

How often should I lube my bike chain?

once every month
Bicycle Tutor recommends cleaning and lubricating your bike’s drive chain at least once every month to maintain optimal performance and protection. The chain and drivetrain are typically the dirtiest parts of your bike, and this dirt is bad news for bike longevity and performance.

Are KMC x9 chains directional?

Non-Directional Design: Assembly of this chain is independent of direction. It allows maximum compatibility on MTB or race bikes: this chain fits all.

Is a KMC x11 chain direction?

KMC 11 speed chains are not directional but I’ve found that installing the fat end of the Missing Link in the forward direction helps shifting. Shimano 11 speed chains, some are marked directional and others are not.