Does Mei Say I Love You to Yamato?

Does Mei Say I Love You to Yamato?

It was from her that Mei heard rumors about Yamato kissing every cute girl in their school except for one girl named Miki Arai, rumored to be his girlfriend. When Mei says that she loves him, Yamato kisses her “for real”.

Does Yamato ever cheat on Mei?

After finally putting full trust in Yamato and accepting her feelings for him, leading to them starting dating, Mei finds out Yamato has been keeping secrets from her – about visiting another girl. Now no, he wasn’t cheating on her.

Does Mei marry Yamato?

In Chapter 39, the two are in a sexual relationship. It started at Mei’s birthday, after the celebration. In Volume 11 Chapter 72, Yamato and Mei eventually got married (which now makes her Mei Kurosawa) and she gives birth to a baby boy named Ken Kurosawa.

Does Yamato like Megumi?

After the culture festival, where Megumi and Yamato had to go on a date with each other in Chapter 33, it’s officially shown how Megumi finally came to terms with her feelings towards him. When trying a purikura booth, she jokingly wrote how she got rejected and how much Yamato loves his girlfriend.

Is Maki and Mai related?

Mai and Maki are twin-sister who were born into the Zenin family.

How old is Gojo?

12 Jujutsu Kaisen Character Chart

Character Name Age Birthday
Satoru Gojo 28 December 7
Maki Zenin 16 January 20th
Toge Inumaki 17 October 23rd
Panda 16¹ March 5th

Did Mai become a sword?

Maki and Mai are identical twins So Mai created a sword for Maki and died. She also took her Cursed Energy with her, so Maki got 0 Cursed Energy. In a sad sacrifice, Maki gained the same physicality as Toji.

Why Gojo cover his eyes?

Gojo needs to cover his eyes because using them would tire him out too quickly. He’s got something called Six Eyes, which has been passed down in his family’s bloodline. This is a rare type of ocular jujutsu.