Does the KC-46 have a boom operator?

Does the KC-46 have a boom operator?

ABOARD A KC-46 FLYING ABOVE LAKE HURON—As the flight of four F-16s approaches the Air Force’s next-generation tanker, the boom operator presses a few buttons on a digital display in front of her and the jet’s boom system springs to life.

What is a KC-135 boom operator?

Operating a specialized boom from the back of a KC-135, In-flight Refueling Specialists pump thousands of gallons of jet fuel into aircraft in need of fuel.

Where do boom operators get stationed?

All boom operators first receive a month of training in flying tankers at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas. After this they spend three weeks in survival training. The boom operators of Boeing KC-135 Stratotankers are trained at Altus Air Force Base for four months.

What AFSC is boom operator?

AFSC 1A031
For entry into this specialty, completion of high school with courses in physics and mathematics is desirable. Training. For award of AFSC 1A031, completion of the basic boom operator course is mandatory.

What is a KC-46 mission?

Mission. The KC-46A is the first phase in recapitalizing the U.S. Air Force’s aging tanker fleet. With greater refueling, cargo and aeromedical evacuation capabilities compared to the KC-135, the KC-46A will provide next generation aerial refueling support to Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and partner-nation receivers.

How many planes can a tanker refuel?

Tankers can be equipped with multipoint hose-and-drogue systems allowing two (or more) aircraft to refuel simultaneously, reducing time spent refueling by as much as 75% for a four aircraft strike package.

How much do boom operators make Air Force?

The typical US Air Force Boom Operator salary is $43,893 per year. Boom Operator salaries at US Air Force can range from $28,877 – $75,849 per year.

How long is boom operator training?

For all KC-135 boom students, the training is extensive and can prove to be very challenging, but with help from instructors and fellow students, in just four months of training will prepare them for keeping aircraft in the air and helping maintain air superiority.

How do you become a boom operator?

Be physically fit to be a Boom Operator

  1. This is a job of extremes. To get the microphone into the right spot requires upper body strength, flexibility, and extreme balance.
  2. Engage technology and change. Be able to show that your skill set includes emerging technology.
  3. Be flexible in your role.

What does KC stand for in aircraft?

McDonnell Douglas KC-10 Extender

KC-10 Extender
A United States Air Force KC-10 Extender refueling an F-16 Fighting Falcon
Role Aerial refueling tanker, multi-role aircraft (cargo and passenger)
National origin United States
Manufacturer McDonnell Douglas

Can a KC-135 refuel itself?

The KC-135 is equipped with a flying boom for fuel transfer; a special drogue can be attached to the boom on the ground so it can refuel probe-equipped aircraft.

What does KC stand for in KC-135?

K = Tanker. V = VIP. C = Cargo. The C-135 is a military Boeing 707, so the KC-135 is the tanker version.