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How to turn the writing of articles into a source of income

We are all yesterday’s newcomers. And you will have to work hard to distinguish yourself from the mass of other competitors so you can get an employer with regular orders.

Let’s see how to make money by text writing to order.

Binding Rules

If you ask about how to write articles to order, in general terms the answer will be the same.

Sometimes it seems like the text content of some sites is the handiwork of elementary school dropouts: nothing but mistakes in the complete absence of elementary norms of the literary language.

What does it take to write a self-possessed and balanced by style, elegant and correct text?

  • First, you had to study well at school. Without this, one can hardly count hope to succeed on its own in the writing business.
  • Secondly– have a lot of reading. First of all, the classics. It’s your vocabulary and
    appetite for elegant text.
  • Third, in the process of writing, always use grammars, vocabularies, materials, etc.
  • Understanding

You need at least to have a vague knowledge of a given topic to write high-quality texts. But what if it is not enough? There are two options:

  • To figure it out;
  • To cancel the order.

You can clear up the matter with the help of the customer. Ask for a link to reference materials and related forums. Take a couple of days for studying and making a draft.

In case of a positive assessment, write the final version and send the text for review.

In general, you should not take orders for articles which topics are beyond your capacity. It’s different if this is an odd job and the customer doesn’t care.

  • Style

It is clear that writing an article for a bank and about butterflies are two different things. And web visitors also expect to see texts in the framework of a certain style.

  • Brevity

The main scourge for beginners is verbiage. They already cannot know how to clearly structure the texts and write only on the topic of the article trying often to say too much and overloading the text. Which by itself turns the text into a stream of consciousness that washes away any common sense.

But this is unacceptable for quality articles, where everything should be exclusively in the case. Otherwise, you will not have to rely on decent pay.

  • Simplicity in the text

Almost any order implies that the easier the final text was written, the better. The majority of orders are articles for some organizations, unlike the scientific texts intended for use in academic circle. However, if you get paid to write essays for students everything, too, should be simple and clear.

  • Structure

Important parts of the text (definitions, quotes, etc.) can be made bold, italic or underlined. The main thoughts of your article can somehow be separated from the main text by changing the font, colour, typeface, etc. Anyway, you shouldn’t get carried away too much. Everything should be in moderation.

  • Uniqueness

The reader and search engines should see that the information in the article in this form is not found anywhere else. It can be achieved through:

  • Original material feed;
  • Another layout of facts;
  • A different look at events, etc.

It may even be a description of the well-known and repeatedly described things, but “flavoured” with your personal opinion and conclusions.

Where to find customers interested in articles?

There is only one choice for a beginner – online content marketplace created just to contact writers and customers. In addition, you can not only write texts to order but also sell finished articles. Another big plus of article exchanges is the guarantee that you will not be deceived. The marketplace itself acts as a guarantor. And this is the best way to start making money online.