How did Leonard McCoy get his nickname?

How did Leonard McCoy get his nickname?

The character’s nickname, “Bones”, is a play on sawbones, an epithet for a physician qualified as a surgeon. In the 2009 Star Trek film reboot, when McCoy first meets Kirk, he states, “The ex-wife took the whole damn planet in the divorce. All I got left is my bones”, which also could be from where his nickname came.

What is Leonard McCoy’s middle name?

He was given the nickname Bones by James T. Kirk during their service together. The Crucible novel Provenance of Shadows established his middle name “Horatio.” The Romulan Way and Spock’s World referred to McCoy as “Leonard Edward McCoy”, even after The Search for Spock established McCoy’s middle initial as “H.”

Who is the best Star Trek doctor?

11 Best Doctors In The Star Trek Universe

  • 8 Phil Boyce.
  • 7 The Doctor.
  • 6 Katherine Pulaski.
  • 5 Noonian Soong.
  • 4 Julian Bashir.
  • 3 Christine Chapel. Even though Dr.
  • 2 Ira Graves. A brilliant scientist, Ira Graves was a molecular cyberneticist.
  • 1 Phlox. The alien doctor of the first USS Enterprise, Phlox was always a unique healer.

What is Dr McCoy catchphrase?

The chief surgeon’s signature “I’m a doctor, not a…” catchphrase (as well as its variants) became a staple for DeForest Kelley on The Original Series, with Karl Urban continuing the tradition throughout the three Kelvin Timeline films.

What does the nickname Bones mean?

Star Trek Timeline [INTERACTIVE] “Bones” was a nickname for Doctor Leonard McCoy in multiple realities. In the prime reality, “Bones” was short for “Sawbones”; this long version was used by James T. Kirk only rarely, usually using the shortened version “Bones” during their service together. (

What is Uhura’s full name?

Nyota Uhura
Nyota Uhura (/niˈoʊtə ʊˈhʊrə/) is a fictional character in the Star Trek franchise. In the original TV series, the character was portrayed by Nichelle Nichols who later reprised the role for the first six Star Trek feature films.

What rank is chakotay?

Lieutenant Commander Chakotay During all of Star Trek: Voyager’s seven season run, Chakotay wore the rank insignia of a Lieutenant Commander, not a full commander. This was shown on his collar, with two gold bars and one black one. He, along with the rest of the Maquis crew, wore the insignia of a provisional officer.

What is Leonard McCoy’s signature phrase?

ISBN 978-0-9715924-2-1. In a classic moment (episode: “The Devil in the Dark”), McCoy, challenged with healing a being that was made more of rock than flesh, spouts out, “I’m a doctor, not a bricklayer!” ^ “I’m a doctor, not a… Dr Leonard McCoy’s much-parodied signature phrase”. Fortean Times. Archived from the original on June 7, 2009.

Why did Kirk call McCoy’bones’?

One way this partnership manifested on-screen was with Kirk’s endearing nickname for McCoy: “Bones.” Used in even the direst of situations, the nickname demonstrated familiarity between the duo and became a recognizable, oft-quoted line from Star Trek: The Original Series.

Is McCoy’s nickname’Sawbones’based on a true story?

While Star Trek purists may prefer Kirk’s original Sawbones reference, both stories behind McCoy’s nickname fit neatly within the canon and the updated version of events works better for the Abrams’ movie.

What is Bones McCoy’s real name?

Dr. Leonard Horatio “Bones” McCoy is a character in the American science fiction franchise Star Trek.