How do I connect my LeCroy scope to my computer?

How do I connect my LeCroy scope to my computer?


  1. Connect your Windows 7 PC to your Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope with a crossover cable.
  2. On the oscilloscope, click Utilities > Utilities Setup, and select the Remote tab.
  3. Select TCIP (VICP) or LXI (VX11)
  4. Record the IP address.

What is WaveStudio?

WaveStudio is used to provide remote access to your oscilloscopes from a PC. It provides a graphical user interface with several powerful functions used to view and utilize waveforms.

What is ActiveDSO?

ActiveDSO is an ActiveXTM control that enables Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscopes and LSA-1000 series embedded signal analyzers to be controlled by and exchange data with a variety of Windows applications that support the ActiveX standard.

How to control Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope via remote control?

Scope Explorer is a free application for controlling your Teledyne LeCroy oscilloscope from a Windows 2000/XP computer. Use this application to control the oscilloscope via remote control without the need for advanced programming. With it, you can Send remote control commands using a terminal window.

Can I use scopeexplorer to update my scope’s firmware?

* On older scopes, ScopeExplorer can be used to update your scope’s firmware over GPIB and TCP/IP connections. Firewalls have been known to block the ability for ScopeExplorer to execute firmware upgrades.

What is LSIB (LeCroy serial interface bus)?

Learn More about SParamViewer » LSIB (LeCroy Serial Interface Bus) is a new standard for high-speed data transfer from the oscilloscope with speeds up to 325 MB/s. Teledyne LeCroy’s exclusive LSIB solution is based on the wired PCI Express standard that uses a x4 (4 lanes) bus for remote data transfer.

What is the Teledyne LeCroy VICP passport?

The Teledyne LeCroy VICP Passport is a plug-in passport driver for National Intruments’ VISA driver (Windows version only). The USB interface is standard on each WaveJet 300A oscilloscope.