How do I export a video from Final Cut Pro to YouTube?

How do I export a video from Final Cut Pro to YouTube?

How to use the new share to YouTube feature in Final Cut Pro

  1. Make sure a project is selected in your Final Cut Pro timeline and click Share.
  2. Select your newly-named Destination.
  3. When prompted, decide where on your Mac to save your video.
  4. Later when it is saved, separately upload it to YouTube via a browser.

How do I export in Final Cut Pro 10?

Choose File > Share > Export File (or press Command-E). Click the Share button in the toolbar, then click Export File….Export final mastering files with Final Cut Pro

  1. Select one or more projects or clips in the browser.
  2. Select ranges in one or more clips in the browser.

What is the best way to export a video from Final Cut Pro?

The first option — use the shortcut COMMAND + E to open up the Export window. The second option — choose File > Share > Master File (Default) in the menu bar. The third approach — my personal favorite, shown below — simply click the export icon at the top right of the program, and choose your export method.

How do you save a Final Cut Pro project as a video?

To export roles as separate video, title, audio, or caption tracks in the output media file, click Roles at the top of the Share window, then specify the roles to export. See Share roles as files with Final Cut Pro. Click Next, choose a location for the exported files, then click Save.

What is the best format to upload to YouTube?

.MP4 format
Best file format to use on YouTube YouTube itself recommends using the . MP4 format for the best high quality video uploads, so that should be your first choice.

Which resolution is best for YouTube?

Ans: YouTube videos at the recommended resolution of 1080p have a height of 1080 px and width of 1920 px for an aspect ratio of 16:9. For more accepted YouTube video dimensions, see here. Q.

Why can’t I export my video in Final Cut Pro?

This can happen if the storage device isn’t formatted properly. This can also occur when sharing to destinations other than the Export File destination. Check the format of the storage device. In the Finder, click on the storage device to select it, then choose File > Get Info.

Can Final Cut export MP4?

Type the file’s name in the Save As field at the top, select your preferred destination folder from the left pane, and click Save from the bottom-right corner to export the Final Cut Pro project to MP4.

Why can’t I export my video on Final Cut Pro?

If you are experiencing problems with exporting that may be transitions or effects then one way to check would be to duplicate the sequence and remove all effects and transitions and then try to export the ‘cleaned up’ timeline.

Why can’t I export my final cut video?