How do I get a liquor licence in NSW?

How do I get a liquor licence in NSW?

What you need

  1. a OneGov account.
  2. a floor plan showing the boundaries proposed for the licensed area.
  3. details of the premises owner.
  4. contact details for you or another authorised person.
  5. your requested liquor trading hours.
  6. a copy of your development approval or consent (if applicable)

How much does a liquor license cost in Australia?

A general liquor licence costs $2898.

Do you need a license to serve alcohol in NSW?

Are you looking to open a pub or bar in NSW? If you want to serve alcohol in NSW in this setting, then you are required to have a liquor licence.

How do I get a liquor licence in Australia?

To apply for a new licence, you must submit the following:

  1. a completed Form 1 – Application for a liquor licence.
  2. a completed Form 5 – Personal details schedule for each individual who is a party to the application.
  3. a completed Form 6 – Application for registration of financial interest.

Can I do RSA Online in NSW?

RSA Online NSW – New South Wales – Official Course. COVID-19: All of our online courses are still available and can be completed under current restrictions.

How long does a liquor licence take?

Note: Time frame for issue of license on average about 3 months from date of lodgement depending on the work load at liquor board and inspectors time of inspection.

How do you obtain a liquor license?


  1. To acquire the zoning certificate and Local Authority Approval letter from Municipality.
  2. To acquire the Tax Clearance Certificate and Police Clearance Certificate of applicant.
  3. Secure a letter of consent from the landlord or lease agreement / title deed of premises.

Is it legal to distil alcohol in Australia?

It is NOT illegal to distil alcohol in Australia. Distilling is like driving, it’s perfectly legal so long as you have a license. And depending on the purpose of the alcohol you are distilling, it’s possible you don’t need a licence at all.

How much profit does a bottle shop make?

On average, liquor stores tend to have an overall profit margin of between 20% and 30% annually [4]. There are pros and cons to aiming for higher profit margins since you’ll need to charge customers higher prices for your products, which might not make your store as appealing as a lower-priced competitor.

How much is RSA NSW?

MORE courses, MORE locations, MORE often and the BEST PRICES.

Location RSA RCG
Online (OL) & Virtual $135 (Online only) $155 (Virtual only)
Central Coast $145 $110
Newcastle $145 $110
Sydney $155 $120

Does a NSW RSA expire?

All RSA and RCG training will expire every 5 years and a new accreditation will be required. At the end of your cards 5 year expiry date you have to complete your RSA and RCG refresher through NSW Liquor and Gaming. They will contact you directly informing you on the renewal process.

Can I get a liquor license to sell from home?

Therefore you cannot apply for a liquor license on a residential property. The only way to ensure that your land use right is acceptable for an application for a liquor license is confirmation from your local Municipality (planning department or land use department).

How do I get a NSW driver licence?

have logged at least 120 hours driving time in your Learner Driver Log Book, including at least 20 hours of night driving, unless you’re aged 25 years or older; prove your identity; pass an eyesight test; pay the licence and test fees, unless you’re eligible for a concession; pass the Hazard Perception Test (HPT) pass the driving test.

Do I need a food business licence in NSW?

You must hold a licence with the NSW Food Authority if your business distributes and/or transports:milk or dairy productsmeatplant productsseafoodeggs.You can apply and pay for a licence online. To apply for more than 5 vehicles, you’ll need to submit a printed application form – PDF to the NSW Food Authority.

How to get a new liquor license?

the object of the Act

  • the suitability of the applicant
  • any relevant local alcohol policy
  • the days and hours of sale
  • the design and layout of premises
  • the sale of goods other than alcohol and refreshments
  • the provision of other services not related to the sale of alcohol and refreshments
  • What are restaurants with liquor licenses?

    – Our Wicked Lady, 153 Morgan Avenue – Kaifeum, 3100 Ocean Parkway – Aura Cocina, 315 Meserole Street