How do I set up an air pump in my tank?

How do I set up an air pump in my tank?

Connect one end of the airline tubing to the aquarium device and place the device inside the fish tank. Then connect the other end of the airline tubing to the air pump. If the air pump is positioned higher than the top of the aquarium, you can skip this step.

Why is my air pump not pumping?

The most likely cause is that the air pipes of the filter are disconnected or blocked or the air pump has broken down (See Q1). Once the pipes are cleared or reconnected or the pump has been repaired or replaced – the filter will work again and the tank will clear.

Do you have to soak an air stone?

Soak the airstone in a solution of one part household bleach to three parts fresh water (1:3) for 24 hours. Bleach has the advantage of both cleaning the stone and also disinfecting it. Soak the stone for a full 24 hours, or two days if the stone was badly clogged.

Does a fish tank air pump need to be on all the time?

Filters, heater, lights, and air pumps need to stay on almost all the time to keep your fish alive. However, while you can and should turn off your lights and heaters, and even an air pump if you have one, you have to keep filters on 24/7.

Do I leave my air pump on all the time?

Why is my filter not blowing bubbles?

If you notice there are no bubbles, then the filter might not be working. Therefore, you might be forced to replace or repair the filter. The most common cause tends to be that there is a disconnected or blocked air pump. Moreover, if you notice that the fish tank is cloudy, the water may be contaminated.

Should my fish tank pump make bubbles?

Most aquarium filters operate using air to pump the aquarium water in and filter out clean water. And if you’re aquarium filter is making bubbles, there is nothing to worry about. Since these filters use air, it is quite common for some large bubbles to appear from the filter.