How do I speak to someone at Kentucky unemployment office?

How do I speak to someone at Kentucky unemployment office?

Sometimes you just have to talk to a live person to get answers to your questions. If you have Unemployment Insurance questions, you can call at 502/564-2900.

Will I get back pay for unemployment ky?

Eligible Claimants should continue to certify for benefits for weeks they are owed unemployment. Any weeks of unemployment that occurred before these programs expire can still be paid retroactively if a claimant is later determined to be eligible for those weeks of benefits.

Who do I call about my ky unemployment?

Claim your weeks or check your payment by telephone at 1-877-3my-kyui or 1-877-369-5984. By using Voice Response Unit (VRU) and a touchtone phone, you may claim your weeks or request the status of your last week claimed.

How do I know if my unemployment claim was approved?

Once your application has been approved, the Department of Labor will send a “Monetary Determination” with information on your weekly benefit amount. After making your claim, it will take between two to three weeks to receive it. Delays may be caused if the state needs additional information before sending payment.

Where is my ky unemployment check?

Dial the claims number, 1-877-369-5984, on a touch-tone phone. Select the second option in the main menu. Enter your Social Security number and PIN to log in to the system. Listen to the details of your claim, including your last payments and the balance of the claim.

How do I reopen my unemployment claim in Kentucky?

How To Reopen Unemployment Claims

  1. Submit a new claim. You can do this via telephone/internet/mail.
  2. Wait for a response. Once your claim is taken up, the State Unemployment Agency will check your remaining benefit balance and examine if you continue to qualify for the benefits.

How long does it take to get back pay from Kentucky unemployment?

The waiting week will always be your first payable week on your initial claim. You will request benefits for two weeks. If you are otherwise eligible, the amount of your first benefit payment will be for one week.

How do I check the status of my Kentucky unemployment claim?

What do I do if I haven’t received my unemployment?

6 things to do about the late payment

  1. Contact your state unemployment office.
  2. Submit any new forms of identification or documentation.
  3. Update your payment profile.
  4. Work with any lenders or companies you regularly pay a bill to.
  5. If you’re denied, apply again.
  6. Be patient — and contact your state representatives.

How long does unemployment take to get approved?

It takes at least three weeks to process a claim for unemployment benefits and issue payment to most eligible workers.

How long does it take to get your first unemployment check in Kentucky?

Can I reapply for unemployment?

To continue receiving benefits, you must reopen your claim. You can reopen your claim if it was filed within the last 52 weeks and you have not used all of your benefits. If your benefit year has ended, you may need to reapply for unemployment.

How to contact Kentucky unemployment office?

If you have Unemployment Insurance questions, you can call at 502/564-2900. To contact Office of Employment and Training, you can call 502.564.7456 or fax at 502.564.7459. To contact Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, you can call 1-800-648-6057. Be prepared for long wait times because many people try contacting the staff.

How many weeks of unemployment can you get in Kentucky?

You will not receive a payment for the first week in which your claim was made. This period is called a waiting week and no benefits are provided. Kentucky unemployment benefits are paid for a maximum of 26 weeks, though a Kentucky unemployment extension may be put in place to increase this limit during times of high unemployment.

How much does unemployment pay in Kentucky?

you pay at least$1,500 in gross wages in a single calendar quarter

  • you have at least one worker performing service in any part of 20 different weeks out of a calendar year (it doesn’t have to be the same workers in each
  • you acquire all or part of an existing business that is already liable for UI,or
  • How do you sign up for unemployment in Kentucky?

    Your Social Security number

  • Your alien registration number and work permit type,in addition to any other documentation that authorizes your employment in the United States if you are not a U.S Citizen
  • The name,mailing address and phone number of your last employer and the location where you reportedly worked.