How do you become a licensed grower in Michigan?

How do you become a licensed grower in Michigan?

As you’re applying for your Class A Grower License in Michigan, remember that you’ll need at least $150,000 in business capital to qualify. This can include a minimum of 25 percent in liquid assets that can easily be converted into stocks, bonds, cash, or CDs.

How do you get a micro grow license in Michigan?

How do I apply for a Microbusiness License?

  1. Fees/Costs: Application Fee – $6K. Initial Licensure Fee (to be paid prior to obtaining license) – $8K.
  2. Application Process. Step 1 – prequalification application (criminal/financial background check for certain individuals within the applicant company)

What can a Class A grower do in Michigan?

Class A Growers can grow up to 100 marijuana plants and do not need to be licensed under the MMFLA but cannot stack licenses. License stacking is holding more than 1 license of that type per entity.

Do I need a license to grow in Michigan?

Types of Michigan Grow Licenses There are two types of commercial grow licenses in Michigan, each with three classes depending on the number of cannabis plants you intend to cultivate. The adult-use program also permits a microbusiness license.

How much is a growers license in Michigan?

Class A grower, allowed up to 100 plants, $4,000 license fee.

How many plants can I grow in Michigan with a medical card?

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act states that a caregiver may possess up to 72 plants in an enclosed and locked facility. Any more plants would mean the MMA could no longer be used as a defense.

How much does a micro grow license cost in Michigan?

Marijuana microbusiness: This license will allow the owner to grow up to 150 plants, process the marijuana and sell it to individuals 21 and older. The owner must be a Michigan resident and can’t hold an interest in any other marijuana business. The licensing fee is $8,000.

Is it legal to sell clones in Michigan 2020?

Caregivers, who have been legally growing medical marijuana under a 2008 Michigan law passed by voters, can give away marijuana, seeds and clones — rooted cuttings from existing marijuana plants — but under the ballot proposal passed on Tuesday, they can’t accept payment for those items.

How many plants can you grow with a growers license in Michigan?

Excess Marijuana Grower Licenses Under Michigan’s adult-use laws and rules, a business can only cultivate a maximum of 10,000 plants designated for the recreational market.

Can you sell to dispensaries in Michigan?

Cannabis retailers in Michigan are allowed to sell cannabis and cannabis products. This includes flower, edibles, concentrates, infused products, clones, and seeds.

How much does it cost to start a dispensary in Michigan?

For an approved adult-use cannabis retail license, the initial fee is $25,000. But overall, the cost of opening a dispensary in Michigan is comparatively low, with an up-front investment of between $47,000 and $136,000.

How many plants can you grow in Michigan with a license?

Cultivating Cannabis in Michigan In Michigan, adults may grow up to 12 marijuana plants at their own residence for their personal use.