How do you calculate steam turbine?

How do you calculate steam turbine?

Calculation Details

  1. Step 1: Determine Inlet Properties.
  2. Step 2: Calculate Ideal Outlet Properties (Inlet Entropy equals Outlet Entropy)
  3. Step 3: If solve for ‘Isentropic Efficiency’, Determine Outlet Properties.
  4. Step 3: If solve for ‘Outlet Properties’, Determine Outlet Specific Enthalpy.

How do you calculate steam turbine efficiency?

Steam Turbine Efficiency

  1. Efficiency (ɳ) = Output / Input.
  2. Efficiency (ɳ) = Work Done / Input Kinetic Energy.
  3. Figure 1: Blade efficiency of impulse and reaction steam turbine.
  4. Different Efficiencies of Steam Turbines.

How is steam turbine heat rate calculated?

Calculation of heat rate & efficiency of the power plant

  1. Heat rate =Heat input / Power generation.
  2. Example: A 100 MW thermal power plant is running on 100% PLF, which consumes around 55 MT of coal having GCV 4500 kcal/kg per hour, then calculate the Gross station heat rate of the plant.

How do you calculate turbine?

To calculate electrical power or turbine power, you have to know the hydraulic power, which depends on the flow and how far the water falls. So, the hydraulic output power is equal to gravity times flow (in litres per second) times the pressure or height difference (in metres of water column).

How is steam energy calculated?

hg = 2676 KJ/Kg, So now Enthalpy required for saturated liquid to convert into saturated steam can be obtained as follows, Latent Heat ( he ) = hg – hf = 2676 – 419 = 2257 KJ / Kg. Cp – Specific Heat of Steam at Constant Pressure, which can be considered as 1.860 KJ/Kg.

How do you calculate the percent efficiency of a turbine?

Calculate steam turbine efficiency by dividing the theoretical pounds per hour of steam by the steam actually consumed. This is 44,855.58 pounds (theoretical) / 52,462 pounds actual = 0.855 or 85.5 percent operating efficiency.

What is the heat rate formula?

Using the well-known definition of efficiency and heat rate— h = P/HC and HR = 3,412/h Btu/kWh—it can be shown that the value of 1 Btu/kWh reduction in heat rate is given by Equation 2.

How is steam flow rate calculated?

The feedwater flow rate can be calculated from steam mass flow and blowdown rate:

  1. Blowdown Mass Flow = Feedwater Mass Flow * Blowdown Rate.
  2. Steam Mass Flow = Feedwater Mass Flow – Blowdown Mass Flow.
  3. Steam Mass Flow = Feedwater Mass Flow – Feedwater Mass Flow * Blowdown Rate.

How do you calculate turbine flow rate?

The formula for the power calculation is P = η * ρ * g * h * Q. The volumetric flow rate can be calculated as Q = A * v. Example: at a cross-sectional area of 30 square meters and a flow velocity of 2 meters per second, the volumetric flow rate is 60 cubic meters per second.

How do you calculate heat efficiency?

The thermal efficiency, ηth, represents the fraction of heat, QH, converted to work. The air-standard Otto cycle thermal efficiency is a function of compression ratio and κ = cp/cv. The thermal efficiency, ηth, represents the fraction of heat, QH, converted to work.

What is a condensing steam turbine?

Condensing steam turbines are most commonly found in thermal power plants. In a condensing steam turbine, the maximum amount of energy is extracted from the steam, because there is very high enthalpy difference between the initial (e.g. 6MPa; 275°C; x = 1) and final (e.g. 0.008MPa; 41.5°C; x = 0.9) conditions of steam.

How do you calculate overall efficiency of a steam turbine?

/Steam flow rate (M 2 )  Overall efficiency (η) = (h 1 – h 2 )/(h 1 – h 2i  Shaft Power Unknown  Do a heat balance on the steam condenser to determine the turbine exhaust enthalpy. See Figure 5  h 2 = h c + (h cw2 – h cw1 ) x M cw /M

What is the pressure of steam in a steam turbine?

In a typical condensing steam turbine, the exhausted steam condenses in the condenser and it is at a pressure well below atmospheric (absolute pressure of 0.008 MPa, which corresponds to 41.5°C). This steam is in a partially condensed state (point F), typically of a quality near 90%.

How do you calculate the pressure in a steam condenser?

Determine the pressure in the condenser. Take R for air=287/joules/kg K The air leakage into the steam condenser is 0.721 kg/min.The vacuum near the outlet of ejector is 690 mm of Hg when the barometer reads 760 mm of Hg & this point is 20 deg c..Calculate the mass of steam condensed.