How do you complete the mission Big Smoke just business?

How do you complete the mission Big Smoke just business?

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  1. Take Big Smoke to Downtown.
  2. Protect Big Smoke from the Russians.
  3. Follow Big Smoke and protect him from the Russians.
  4. Protect the bike from the Russians.

Is there any secret mission in GTA San Andreas?

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition has 6 Hidden Mission Locations. This guide shows where to find them all (updated for GTA San Andreas Trilogy Remaster on PS5, Xbox Series X, PC). These hidden missions are the Vehicle Challenges and Courier Missions that you must complete for 100% completion.

What happens if your girlfriend dies in GTA San Andreas?

If players visit the police station in El Quebrados, they will find Barbara Schternvart, the fifth girlfriend that players can date in GTA San Andreas. By profession, she is a deputy sheriff and lives in Tierra Robada. If players kill her during the date, CJ will lose his weapons or Body Armor after being busted.

What is there to do in Los Desperados?

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Recruit a couple of Grove Street Families gang members.
  • Go and meet up with the veteranos at Unity Station.
  • Help Cesar and the OG’s clear out the neighborhood.
  • Head to the alleyway.
  • Stay close to Cesar and clear out the alleyway.
  • Defend Cesar.
  • Finish off the last Vagos.

What is the cheat to skip mission in GTA San Andreas?

But if you want to know how to skip missions in GTA 5 then it is also very simple. All you have to do is kill yourself 3 times in the game. The death menu will then ask you if you want to skip the mission. Choose Yes and you will be skipped to the next checkpoints.

How do you complete the GREY imports mission in GTA San Andreas?

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  1. Go to the docks where the Ballas and the Russians are making a deal.
  2. The Russians and Ballas are having a meeting inside the warehouse.
  3. The meeting is taking place in the office at the back.
  4. Take out the Russian arms dealer inside the office.
  5. Kill the dealer.

What is the big secret in GTA San Andreas?

1) Shooting the moon with a sniper rifle will change its size. Players can change the size of the moon according to their liking in GTA San Andreas. This is a feature that is hidden in plain sight from the players. There are eight sizes of the moon that players can switch between.

Which is the best mission in GTA SA?

10 Best Main Missions In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • 8 Pier 69.
  • 7 The Da Nang Thang.
  • 6 Yay Ka Boom Boom.
  • 5 Freefall.
  • 4 End Of The Line.
  • 3 Vertical Bird.
  • 2 Los Desparados.
  • 1 Saint Mark’s Bistro.

How do I complete Los Sepulcros mission?

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  1. Get those gang members to join you.
  2. Get in the car with your gang and take them to the funeral.
  3. Climb over the wall and approach Sweet and his men.
  4. Kill Kane, don’t let him get away.
  5. Kane’s dead!
  6. Get in the car and drive Sweet back home.

How many side missions are there in GTA San Andreas?

Out of the 28 total Side Missions featured in GTA San Andreas, 22 are required for 100% completion of the game, while 6 are entirely optional – which are noted in the list below.