How do you install a spa air blower?

How do you install a spa air blower?

Open the hot tub’s equipment access door and locate the old blower assembly.

  1. Turn the power off to the spa at the breaker.
  2. Disconnect the air duct hose from the blower’s exhaust port.
  3. Unplug the blower’s electrical cable from the spa control pack.
  4. Disconnect grounding wire, if present.
  5. Remove mounting screws and blower.

What size air blower do I need for my spa?

b. The number of holes in the spa floor and seats determine the size of your air blower. For a 1.0 hp blower the total hole area should be . 85 square inches, for a 1.5 hp blower the hole area should be 1.2 square inches, and for a 2.0 hp blower the total hole area should be 1.5 square inches.

Does a spa need a blower?

If the equipment is below water, the only issue is with the spa air pipe which will fill with water when the spa is off. A blower is then required to help push the water out of the pipe so that air can enter the venturis.

How does a spa air blower work?

How does it work? The blower is a unit that utilizes a fan to create air flow; it then forces the air through channels into the jets that allow for a release. The combination of air and water flow through the jets can provide a wonderful massage experience for the hot tub user.

How do you test a spa blower?

Turn on the Electricity and Test Plug everything back in, and turn the power to your hot tub back on. Test your new spa blower by turning on your hot tub. Allow it to run for a few minutes in order to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Do I need a circulation pump on my hot tub?

The Circ Pump ensures that your water is moving and clean. While you can still purchase a hot tub without a Circ Pump, our hot tub experts at The Spa and Sauna Company recommend that you purchase a hot tub with some sort of filtration system. Hot Tubs without a Circ Pump often use a two-speed pump.

Do spa Jets need air?

A small hole for air intake is opened or closed using an air controller, which adds or removes air into the hot tub jet. Alongside this, most hot tubs have diverters to divert power from one side of the hot tub to the other.

Do all spas have a blower?

Many hot tubs come equipped with a hot tub blower, but they can also work perfectly well without one. If your hot tub doesn’t have a blower, it may be possible to add an aftermarket part depending on the compatibility with your spa pack control panel.

How long does a spa blower last?

Most blowers in the parts world are designed for light-duty residential applications and are intended to run a maximum of 15- to 20 minutes at a time. These will not last in a commercial environment with long running times or with heavy bather loads.

Why is my spa blower not working?

Check the wire powering the air switch and check the switch for continuity. If no power, check the wire leading to the switch for continuity and replace as needed. If you have power but do not get proper switching action, replace the switch. If none of these things fix the problem, the blower may need to be replaced.