How do you rewrite a story?

How do you rewrite a story?

How to Rewrite Your NovelKnow why it needs changing. Before you do anything else, you need to know what’s wrong with your manuscript. Mourn the old version, then let it go (it gets easier with time) Plan what you want to do. Just write. Accept sometimes you need to rewrite and rewrite and rewrite.

How do you rewrite your past narrative?

In order to rewrite your story, you first have to write the old story. You have to be able to tell the tale of where you came from and all of the events that you no longer wish to dwell on. Get it all out and be honest with yourself and your past. Then you begin to change your mind set by writing your new story.

Can I rewrite an old book?

Definitely it is possible to do. If you are sure you can make book better then do it. There are plenty of books and researches that were taken from first author and rewritten plus adjusted. And I have to say second edition is always better than the first one because many lacks are solved and gaps are filled in.