How do you unlock Reverse Flash in injustice?

How do you unlock Reverse Flash in injustice?

The Reverse Flash “skin” is unlocked via the customize character menu as an alternate colour for the flash and requires 6,000 gold.

Is Reverse Flash in the Injustice League?

Eobard Thawne / Reverse-Flash makes a cameo appearance in the animated film Injustice.

Why is Reverse Flash in injustice?

The Reverse Flash is a member of Flash’s rogues gallery and is just an evil, sometimes faster, much yellower version of the scarlet speedster. In Injustice 2 we get the Eobard Thawne iteration who is stuck in the present time thanks to Superman killing one of his ancestors in the future, creating a time paradox.

What happened to Reverse Flash in injustice 2?

Injustice 2 He is trapped in the past because the Regime killed one of his ancestors, and he joined Grodd’s Society in vengeance. With help from Deadshot and Captain Cold, he attempted to kill Barry, pursuing him across the country. He manages to catch up to him in Gotham City.

How do you get Metahuman flash in injustice?

He can be obtained by ranking in the top 5% of players during certain Online Battle seasons. Otherwise, he is available in The Flash Starter Pack, which can only be purchased once for $19.99 and also comes with 135,000 Power Credits. He can also be obtained from the TV Pack.

Does Reverse-Flash exist in DCEU?

Ezra Miller becomes his own worst enemy, a new version of the Reverse-Flash, in a new fan art for the DC Extended Universe’s upcoming The Flash.

Is the flash in Injustice 2?

The Flash is a character in Injustice 2.

What happened to Green Lantern in injustice?

Injustice 2. After the mainstream Green Lantern turned Yellow Lantern Hal over to the Guardians, they rehabilitated him to overcome his fear and become a Green Lantern once more, though Hal still holds feelings of betrayal to his Corps, planet, and friends.

What happens to the flash in injustice?

Flash is then dosed with fear gas, and while incapacitated, he’s decapitated by an automated buzzsaw that pops out of the wall.