How long does planning permission take in Dorset?

How long does planning permission take in Dorset?

Please note that once the application has been registered, it will have a target time of 8 weeks for a response.

What council covers Ferndown?

Ferndown Town Council
Ferndown and The Town Council The Council is a statutory body incorporated by legislation it has a range of specific statutory powers. Ferndown Town Council has 17 Councillors, elected members of the local community.

Who is head of planning at Dorset Council?

Michael Garrity –
Michael Garrity – Head Of Planning – Dorset Council | LinkedIn.

What council is Bridport under?

Bridport Town Council – Providing services in Bridport and West Bay.

What area does Dorset Council cover?

From 1 April 2019, a new unitary Dorset Council was created which covers the areas/services of Purbeck, East Dorset, North Dorset, West Dorset and Weymouth & Portland, plus the services previously provided in these areas by Dorset County Council.

Is Wimborne under Dorset Council?

East Dorset was a local government district in Dorset, England….East Dorset.

East Dorset District
Admin HQ Wimborne
Incorporated 1 April 1974 to 30 March 2019
• Type Non-metropolitan district council

Is Dorset a nice place to live?

Dorset has it all, from deeply rooted history and incredible architecture to miles of sandy beaches and countless nature reserves. On top of all this, it’s reported that the quality of life is very high here. Not only this, but Dorset has the highest life expectancy in the entirety of Britain.

Is Bridport North Dorset?

Bridport is in the county of Dorset in South West England.

What county is Purbeck in?

Purbeck, district, administrative and historic county of Dorset, southern England, lying along the English Channel in the southeastern part of the county. It includes the nearly landlocked, shallow Poole Harbour on its northeastern border and derives its name from its southeasterly peninsula, the Isle of Purbeck.