How long should I study for Comlex Level 3?

How long should I study for Comlex Level 3?

Preparation for the COMLEX Level 3 This allows you to totally focus on your program while you get acclimated, while still reserving at least 4-6 months to review, take practice exams, and churn through question blocks.

How many times can you take Comlex Level 3?

Yes. Effective July 1, 2016, candidates are limited to a total of six attempts for each examination, including but not limited to all attempts prior to July 1, 2016. Candidates may take (including retakes) the COMLEX-USA Level 1, Level 2-CE, or Level 3 examination up to four times in any 12-month period.

When should I take Comlex 3?

Generally, you can take Step 3 at any point during your intern year, during any rotation. It is easiest to take the exam during an outpatient block or consult service because most often you will not need to find coverage during these times. The exam is generally scheduled 3-6 months in advance of the exam date.

Is Comlex Level 3 pass fail?

The number of test items answered correctly (the raw score) is converted to a 3-digit standard score for the purposes of making NBOME’s pass/fail decisions and for reporting the results….Examination Scores.

Passing Scores
COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE Pass
COMLEX-USA Level 3 350

What is a good Comlex 3 score?

After the exam You’ll need a score of at least 350 to pass COMLEX-USA Level 3. Typically the three-digit score for all levels of COMLEX is 500-550.

Is Comquest or Combank better for Level 3?

I suggest Comquest over Combank. These both also have CDM format examples which are important to go over as well. The best COMLEX Level 3 practice exam to use is the COMSAE exam. There are not many practice exam choices for Level 3!

What should I study for COMLEX Level 3?

best comlex level 3 study resources

  1. First Aid and Step 2/Level 2 Review Books. A well-annotated Step 2/Level 2 review book in addition to your First Aid for Step 1 are actually your best bet for COMLEX Level 3 review books.
  2. OMM Review.
  3. Qbanks: UWorld and Comquest.
  4. Practice Exams.
  5. NBOME Resources.

Do dos have to take COMLEX 3?

All osteopathic students must complete the COMLEX levels 1, 2, and eventually 3 in order to receive licensure as a D.O. However, osteopathic students also have the opportunity to take the USMLE as well.

What is a good COMLEX 3 score?

Can you take Step 3 on the weekend?

Does it matter where I take the Step 3 exam? No. You can take the exam at any Prometric test center in the United States or its territories. You can schedule and take your two testing days on consecutive or non-consecutive days.

Can I take COMLEX 3 before residency?

Most DOs take COMLEX-USA Level 3 during their first year of residency. Before you can take the exam, you’ll need to: Pass both COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE and Level 2-PE. Earn your osteopathic medical degree from an accredited college of osteopathic medicine.

What is the pass rate for COMLEX Level 3?


Years First Time Takers Total Pass Rate
2020 6111 96.6%
2018-2019 *** 8369 97.0%
2017-2018 ** 8746 94.7%
2016-2017 5557 96.1%

How long does USMLE Step 3/comlex Level 3 take?

There is that old saying that students usually take “2 months” for USMLE Step 1/COMLEX Level 1, “2 weeks” for USMLE Step 2/COMLEX Level 2 and just need a “#2 pencil” for Step 3/COMLEX Level 3. But not so fast! USMLE Step 3/COMLEX Level 3 is the final examination in a three-part series for medical licensing in the United States.

When will I receive my COMLEX-USA Level 3 scores?

You will receive an email approximately one month after you complete the exam that your scores are available through your COMLEX-USA account. You’ll need a score of at least 350 to pass COMLEX-USA Level 3. Typically the three-digit score for all levels of COMLEX is 500-550.

How many questions are there in COMLEX Level 3?

COMLEX Level 3 is also a two-day examination that in total contains 420 multiple choice questions and 26 clinical decision-making (CDM) cases that each contain two to four question each. How does one prepare for this examination during the busy time of internship/residency?

What is the difference between the COMLEX Level 3 and 2-CE?

Categories: Exam Preparation, COMLEX. The COMLEX Level 3 is extremely similar to COMLEX Level 2-CE, which benefits the test-taker. The exams do have some notable differences: like the COMLEX Level 2-CE, questions on the COMLEX Level 3 will include a clinical scenario.