How many copies did stillmatic sell?

How many copies did stillmatic sell?

It debuted at number 5 on the US Billboard 200 and sold over 342,600 in its first week of sales, eventually going on to sell over 2,026,000 copies in the United States. It has been certified Platinum by Recording Industry Association of America.

How many copies did Illmatic sell?

As of February 6, 2019, the album had sold 2 million copies in the United States. Since its initial reception, Illmatic has been recognized by writers and music critics as a landmark album in East Coast hip hop. Its influence on subsequent hip hop artists has been attributed to the album’s production and Nas’ lyricism.

Did Nas album go platinum?

It’s Nas’ last platinum album but it also marks the amazing feat of seven consecutive platinum albums with 1,448,000 copies sold. So how many platinum albums does Nas have? Nas has a total of seven (7) platinum albums!

How many records did Nas sell worldwide?

25 million records
While he has arguably never hit such heights again, he has sold 25 million records, received worldwide critical acclaim, engaged in a notorious beef with Jay Z and married — and divorced — the R&B artist Kelis.

What is Nas highest selling album?

It Was Written
Hip-Hop Gem: It Was Written Is Nas’ Best Selling Album To Date.

Did Nas ever go diamond?

One of the newest members of the Diamond Club is Lil Nas X. The Atlanta rapper’s ubiquitous 2019 single “Old Town Road” is the fastest song in history to be certified diamond, which earned the distinction in 2019.

Who sold more albums Jay-Z or Nas?

Nas, whose real name is Nasir Jones, has sold more than 11 million albums, according to Nielsen SoundScan data, starting with his classic 1994 debut, “Illmatic.” (Jay-Z has sold roughly twice that amount.)

Who sold 1 million albums in the first week?

The last album to move one million copies in one week was Swift’s Reputation, which sold 1.238 million in 2017.

Did Eminem outsell Jay-Z?

Eminem has 7 albums which have outsold Jay-Zs best-selling album of all-time (Vol 2, Hard-knock life, 1998, 10.5M sold).

Did Eminem outsell Tupac?

before he turned 30. Eminem could have retired after his second album and still would have outsold every rapper that’s ever existed. Eminem outsold Tupac, Big, Jay-Z, Nas, Kendrick and J. Cole combined…

Who went platinum the fastest?

This is a list of the fastest-selling albums (pure sales) in the United States since Nielsen SoundScan tracking began on March 1, 1991. 25 by Adele is the fastest-selling album of all time in the US with 3,378,000 copies sold in its first seven days….United States.

Rank 1
Year 2015
Title 25
Artist Adele
Sales 3,378,000