How many levels are there in Top Eleven?

How many levels are there in Top Eleven?

The League in Top Eleven lasts for 26 season days, from the 3rd to the 28th of each month and consists of 14 teams. Each team plays two matches against every other League opponent. Managers who place 1st to 8th in the League will be promoted to the next manager level at the start of the next season.

How do I get more fans in Top Eleven?

win, level up, qualify for champions league and win those matches. upgrade facilities of your stadium. Winning games, fair ticket prices, upgrading stadium/parking lot allows for more fans to visit. Winning games, fair ticket prices, upgrading stadium/parking lot allows for more fans to visit.

Is Top Eleven be a soccer manager an offline game?

In order to play Top Eleven, a steady internet connection is needed, and there is no option to play the game offline.

Can you play Top Eleven on PC?

Run Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager on PC with LDPlayer. The strongest soccer managers are waiting for your challenge! Top Eleven 2022, the award-winning mobile soccer manager game, puts you in charge of your very own soccer club!

Do friendly matches affect condition Top Eleven?

In the friendly matches only the home team will be affected. So only players from home team will improve, lose morale and condition, and may even be injured. The away team is not affected by this.

How long do yellow cards last in Top Eleven?

A player may get 2 yellow cards per live match. If a player receives 2 yellow cards, they turn into a Red card. – Cards are effective only towards the competition in which the player got them. – Cards stay in the player’s record until the end of the season.

How do I check my fan base top eleven?

it’s right beside your cash and tokens. Near your league level in the top left.

Is Top Eleven Online?

Top Eleven is the most popular online sports game in the World! Create and manage your own team, while competing with millions of other players across multiple platforms!

How do I redeem a code on Top Eleven?

To redeem a code, go to You will see a redeem option there. Enter any valid code in that place and press the redeem button. Most of the top eleven redeem codes have very short validity.

Does height matter in top eleven?

I think that height does matter in this game. In 8 games in this season only tall defenders clear out corners.

How do I cancel friendly on top eleven?

Btw you can cancel a friendly by opening the “Fixtures” tab and clicking/tapping on the “X” button of the Friendly match row. Suggest that unless the team being challenged pressed a button to confirm accepting the friendly match, the friendly match should be fully hidden from the team being challenged.

Why do players lose stars in top eleven?

They have not changed at all (or changed for the worse), your players are still the same. However, as you have been promoted to the next level, the quality needed for every star is naturally higher. This is why it may look like your players have gotten weaker.