How many private hospitals are there in Zambia?

How many private hospitals are there in Zambia?

Private sector Zambia has over 250 for-profit private health facilities: Mostly clinics attending to outpatients mainly in the urban districts. The private sector accounts for just 14 percent of all health facilities nationally.

What is the biggest hospital in Zambia?

The University Teaching Hospital
The University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, founded in 1974, is with more than 1600 beds the biggest hospital in Zambia and receives patients from the across region.

Who owns Lusaka Trust hospital?

Industrial Development Corporation
Lusaka Trust Hospital – Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) Zambia Limited.

What is a level 1 hospital?

Level 1 hospitals must have, at the minimum, an operating room, a recovery room, maternity facilities, isolation facilities, a clinical laboratory, an imaging facility and a pharmacy, all of which should be licensed by the Department of Health (DOH).

What are level 3 hospitals?

General hospitals are classified into three levels — Level 1 with minimum healthcare services, Level 2 that offer extra facilities like intensive care unit and specialist doctors, and Level 3 hospitals that have training programs for doctors, rehabilitation, and dialysis units, among others.

How many teaching hospitals are in Zambia?

It is the largest hospital with 1,655 beds. It is a teaching hospital and, as such, is used to train local medical students, nurses and other health professionals….

University Teaching Hospital
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What is the salary of a doctor in Zambia?

Doctors are the best-paying professionals in Zambia, where a doctor can earn around 169,000 ZMW per year. Based on your further specialization and experience, your salary range will grow over the years.

What was the first hospital in Zambia?

University Teaching Hospital
Opened 1934
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What is a level 6 hospital?

Hospitals classified under Level 6 hospitals in the Kenyan health system include national referral hospitals and large private teaching / mission (faith-based) hospitals.

Who is the richest child in Zambia?

Meet Zambia’s Richest Youngest Millionaire. His names are Spax Mulenga. Spax, Zambia’s richest youngest millionaire is based on the Copperbelt Province in the once Zambia’s cleanest town Chingola.

How much is the President of Zambia paid?

President of Zambia

President of the Republic of Zambia
Formation 24 October 1964
Deputy Vice-President of Zambia
Salary 63,100 USD annually