How much does a Metro ticket in Paris cost?

How much does a Metro ticket in Paris cost?

Metro. A single metro ticket costs €1.90, and can be used for one journey, including all connections. White-coloured tickets can be purchased singly or in a book of 10 (“carnet”), at the ticket offices or machines in metro stations, and also in some tobacconists.

How much is a day Metro ticket in Paris?


Type Price for Zone 1-3 Adult / Child* Price for Zone 1-5 Adult / Child*
1 day €13.20 / €6.60 €27.80 / €13.90
2 days €21.50 / €10.80 €42.20 / €21.10
3 days €29.40 / €14.70 €59.20 / €29.60
5 days €42.20 / €21.10 €72.40 / €36.20

What is the cheapest arrondissement in Paris?

Prices in the 19th arrondissement are the least expensive in Paris, at around €6,700/m2. Buyers are profiting from the continuing gentrification of the socially diverse 20th arrondissement, especially around Place Gambetta, where prices are €7,000-€8,000/m2.

Is the Metro in Paris a good bargain?

The good points about the Metro is that its fast with trains every 3 to 4 minutes. Its easy to use and a day ticket can be prepurchased at the Metro entrance. It costs 7 euros for a days travel which covers the main parts of central Paris in zone 1 and 2. Don’t buy the more expensive tourist ticket- you don’t need it.

What is the cheapest way to get around Paris?

Métro. The Métro is the cheapest, easiest and fastest way to get around Paris. There are 16 metro lines and some 300 metro stations; the entrance is indicated by a large yellow letter ‘M’.

How do you pay for metro in Paris?

Paris Metro tickets have no expiry; You can use them at any time in the future. Tickets can be purchased from ticket windows inside stations or through automated ticket vending machines accepting Euro coins and smart chip credit cards. The single ticket price as of Nov. 1, 2019 is 1.90€.

How do you pay for the metro in Paris?

You can purchase the Navigo Easy card at the ticket counter or RATP info point of every Metro station, it costs 2€. To charge your card, you either can use an app, the automat, or pay at the RATP ticket counter.

What is the nicest arrondissement in Paris?

Overview of the Best Areas to Stay in Paris

1st Arrondissement (Louvre) Sightseeing, Museums, Shopping
3rd and 4th Arrondissement (Le Marais) Art and History Museums, Sightseeing
5th Arrondissement (Latin Quarter) Affordable accommodation, Nightlife

Which arrondissement is the most expensive?

The 7th arrondissement is perhaps the most expensive area to live in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, one of the most famous tourist sites in the world, is located here, as well as many government buildings like ministries, the National Assembly and others. Many dignitaries and VIPs prefer to live in this arrondissement.

Can I use RER B ticket on metro?

1 answer. Yes the Paris RER train ticket is valid for the Metro as well. Any RER ticket which has either the starting or ending station within Paris center (i.e. any Metro in Paris or RER station in Zone 1) will be good for Metro transfers anywhere along the route of travel (beginning, middle, end).

Is public transport free in Paris?

Fast, easy, and free! With the Paris City Pass, you can use the public transportation system (metro, RER, bus, Montmartre tram) within the inner city district of Paris Zone 1 – 3 for free! The public transportation ticket is valid according to the purchased Paris City Pass (2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 days).

Can I use contactless card on Paris Metro?

It’s a confusing system which needlessly complicates navigating the Métro – and no, you can’t pay with a contactless bank card as you pass through the gates. Speaking of which, we need to talk about Paris’ metro gates.