How much does it cost to get ears pierced NZ?

How much does it cost to get ears pierced NZ?

Pricing varies depending on the earring you choose, starting from $26 – which include the earrings, cleaning solution and the service itself costs $10 on top. Age restrictions may apply. For under 16’s a parent or guardian is required. We currently do not pierce any children below the age of 8.

How much does it cost to pierce your ears in Australia?



How much is it to get your ears pierced?

The price of getting your ears pierced varies due to whether you’re getting pierced using our Sterilear System (common for children) or single use piercing needles. The cost of ear lobe piercing ranges from approximately $45 – $80, which includes hypoallergenic surgical steel jewellery.

How old do you have to be to get an ear piercing in NZ?

16 years of age
Know age restrictions You must not carry out any commercial skin piercing service on any person under 16 years of age unless the parent or guardian gives written permission. This does not apply to tattooing.

How much is a nose piercing NZ?


Type of piercing Price
Industrial $90
Nose $50
Septum $70
Tongue (16yrs and over ONLY) $70

Does ear piercing hurt?

You may feel a pinch and some throbbing after, but it shouldn’t last long. The pain from either piercing method is probably equivalent. The ear has nerves all through it. But the fatty tissue in the earlobe has less than other areas, so it may feel less painful.

Are Lovisa piercings safe?

IS THE PIERCING STATION CLEAN SAFE AND HAZARD FREE? Yes! All of our Lovisa Team Members are trained to the highest standards in ear piercing and infection control, to ensure compliance with Infection Control legislation and guidelines around the world.

Do ear piercings hurt?

Do ear piercing hurt?

Can I pierce my own ears?

Should You Pierce Your Ears at Home? In a word: no. Although you can purchase sterile needles, starter earrings and ear piercing kits, having a professional perform your ear piercing decreases the rate of complications such as infection and improper placement.

Is it OK to swim with new ear piercings?

It is generally a good idea to wait 2 to 3 weeks after the ear piercing to go swimming. The first two weeks are when your new piercings are most susceptible to infection and swimming during this time carries some risk. Swimming in lakes or ponds is discouraged due to the high levels of bacteria in the water.

Is Tattoo allowed in New Zealand?

New Zealand doesn’t have a national legal age restriction for getting a tattoo or getting your skin pierced. However, some regional councils have made bylaws preventing tattooists or body piercers from providing services to those under a certain age.